Touchdowns Only- A new Frame of Reference

As we have discussed the Als have made too many field goals and made too few TD's. In the first quarter tonight with third down and long yards needed for a first down, the Alouettes twice disregarded their past practice and on third down attempted to obtain a first down instead of attempting a field goal. Both these calls came from Trestman and, they were excellent calls. I believe the team should make a decision that when in the red zone they will go for first downs and touchdowns and, never attempt field goals in this situation. The team is presently coasting along in first place and thereby have the opportunity to take such a move for a few games.. This Als need to play through three down football while in the red zone with only TD's in mind. They have the offense required to score three down touchdowns and, for a few games they should restrict themselves to this. The team needs to acquire an orientation that restricts them to TD's only. I believe we have the players equal for such a challenge and, they will construct a 7 point attitude for red zone production.

The Als have the defense to enable them to make such an adjustment. Tonight the Als defense was outstanding. The defensive line, while not the biggest, is very quick. Stewart and Bowman's rush was excellent. They were in Joseph's face throught the game and, each were credited with 2 QB sacks. I liked the play of Guzman. He is a large sized linebacker with the speed of a lighter man. Ferri just might be in competition for the one linebacker post available. I believe Proulx is the most improved Alouette this year. Our corner backs seem to be playing much tighter and disruptive to the opponents receivers than in years past and, Popp has acquired a couple of very good defensive backs.

On offense, the continual pattern of sticking to the short pass was changed tonight with Calvillo throwing long down the field to Watkins Richardson and to Cahoon. Offensive tackle Erik Wilson looked good on his blocking and TD catch. Calvillo showed he can scramble and connected long to Watkins Richardson and Cahoon from the scramble position. One had to notice late in the game that he congratulated all members of his squad. The Als were, of course , playing against the offensively weak Argos and tonight's game must put this in perspective. Now, they can begin their strut against Calgary and the other western teams.

When do they play the Eskies again??? I agree with you on all your points and Allouette's are not only the team to beat but define the word "class" which puts them in a league of their own. Thanks for the break down and the insights.
Is there a better game than Canadian Pro Football? Tie with the 'Beautiful Game' maybe?
Go Eskimos Go

They dont. East/West have only 2 games per year and the Als Esks have played both.

Still the possibility of a GC or a Crossover. Als playing Edmonton in Calgary for the GC would be interesting :slight_smile:

As for your idea I don't think it will happen. The only reason Trestman did that was because he was trying to tell Duval that he had no trust in him. Duval needs to up his game. his concentration this year has not been good.

Awful game by the offense. Yet again, we rack up the yards and dominate time of possession, but come away with less than we should (points and passing TDs). I'm sick of this stupid underneath philosophy in the red zone.

Pop quiz: how did we score our only passing TD of the game? By letting the QB (MacPherson) hit his target (Wilson) IN THE FRICKING END ZONE, not passing to a receiver 5 yards out from the goal line and expecting him to beat five defenders on his own to punch it in. As we had A.C. do on two consecutive plays. Honest to frickin God, Milanovich, it is not illegal for your QB to throw a pass to someone who is already past the goal line. Once in a while, it's okay to try that misdirection-based underneath stuff on the goal line. When you do it every single time, teams are just going to bump-man the crap out of your receivers at the line and take away everything in front of them, because they never have to worry about being beaten over top with fade routes.

The playcalling was atrocious in the first quarter. Barely any run game, and as usual, no run AT ALL on the opening series. Can someone please tell me why we've become allergic to running the ball in the first half of a game? We have the league's leading rusher and we don't even come close to using him properly. We have zero commitment to the run. Cobourne had one run that was stuffed, and then another good one for about 6-7 yards, but we immediately backed off the run and didn't use him again consistently until the fourth quarter. But who scored both our running TDs? Yep, that's right, #6. Our running plays are also boring and unimaginative. Run up gut. Lather, rinse, repeat. Very little play action last night, so defenses teed off whenever they saw Cobourne getting the rock.

Special teams: brutal as usual. No protection for Taylor all night and Duval did his usual bullcrap job missing a perfectly makeable field goal from close range.

IMO the rest of the team needs to take the D out for a steak dinner, because they won this game for us, particularly the D-line, which owned Toronto all night long. Credit to Guzman for an excellent game replacing Ferri.

Not that I am sold on SMilanovich far from it but in fairness. Avon leads the league in touches and rushing yards. Watkins dropped a pass right in the numbers in the end zone. Perfect pass ! Calvillo is on pace for 6800 yards ! Als recievers are one and two at the top of the stats board, Als lead in combine yards, rushing yards, passing yards,yards from scrimmage, completion percentage, second and third down conversions and yes field goals.... Right now they are in a class all by themselves where only a perfect game from Ricky Ray at home has been able to beat them.

Touchdowns are what I care about, not combined yards or passing yards. You don't win games on yardage. You win games by putting up majors. I agree that Watkins had a couple of key drops, but the red-zone playcalling for Calvillo is brutal and needs to change. Until and unless we start making those DBs back off the underneath stuff by going over top -- and with Watkins, Richardson, and Green, we have the capability -- defenses will continue to smother us outside the goal line. Expecting any receiver, even ones as talented as ours, to beat 2+ defenders five yards or more off the goal line and punch the ball in is absurd and unrealistic. Our receivers aren't running backs and shouldn't be treated as such. Yes, YAC is great, but when it becomes a crutch, it affects your game. Receivers are paid to run good routes, get open, and catch the ball; take advantage of THOSE skills by finding them in the end zone.

We had a 2:1 advantage in time of possession last night but our only passing TD came from our backup QB to a D-lineman operating as a tight end. That's pathetic. And not every team's offense is going to be as horrible as Toronto's. What happens when our D doesn't force a steady stream of sacks and two-and-outs? What happens when our opportunities to score points become more normally limited?

NO its more like 5700.....

They made a mistake on the stats page yesterday, They seem to have posted yesterdays game twice and showed 2285. He actually has 1914. Multiply that by 3 and you get 5742


They fixed the stats page.

Thanks. I wondered how he jumped from 5400 to 6800...

5700...not so bad :wink:

I liked DandP's comments. We have this great bunch of offensive football players but there is no reason to continue the short out pass. I did believe, last evening, that Trestman's greatest issue is the TD/Field Goal ratio, and by letting the Als play out the three downs instead of kicking he was challenging his players to produce. We have to continue to look for 7 or 8 points all the time when in the red zone. Duval even proved last night that he cannot be a sure bet for the 3 points so, for God's sake lets play through three down football and look for the TD. In the second half last evening Calvillo was throwing long and this was effective. I believe we are looking at both the smarts and the attitudes here. With our talent the team must acquire a winning attitude and, they will do this by playing through three downs in the red zone, by using Colbourne early, and by discarding what is not working for this team! Hundreds of yards passing is useless when we are not acquiring TD's.

You can get away with that against a team like Toronto that can't score but would Trestman have done the same in a tight game against a real team ? Not so sure.

What would you do? Would you stuck with the stuff that does not work?

Forget third-down gambles. The team has to improve its second-down conversion rate. On second and long, SCREW the stupid 5-yard underneath patterns that don't get the first down. Have some balls, air the ball out! Or try a well-developed screen. Don't just dump off a crappy little 5-yard pass to Brian Bratton and punt. On second and medium, try the intermediate routes as well as the short routes so the DBs can't just give the underneath, then tackle before YAC are gained. On second and short, GO DEEP on occasion. Not all the time, naturally, but make that defense back off. It should be in their minds that we can go deep at any time. Right now, the offense is sputtering because it's too predictable what we do in a given down or situation, right down to things like no play action when we're not running the ball.

Hey SportScallion..............They play the Eskies next on November 29th in Calgary :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, having watched the game again, Watkins did not drop a pass in the end zone. He dropped a pass around the 10-yard line.

What I noticed this time around in the Toronto game:

Cobourne scored on a third-down run in the second quarter after two failed dink-and-dump attempts in the right flat (first to Cobourne, then to Bratton). Same type of play, same zone on the field, no attempt to make DBs respect the pass to the end zone itself. Predictable stuff which Toronto was able to stuff.

The one time Calvillo went to the end zone (to Watkins), even though the pass fell incomplete, it drew a PI flag and marched us to the one (we eventually scored on Macpherson's TD pass).

Eric Wilson's TD catch (can't believe I wrote that, LOL) came IN the end zone, not five yards outside it. Why don't we let tight ends release into the backfield so A.C. can find them too?

With the size of the CFL end zone, there is no logical reason for not attacking it with directly.

Jamel Richardson was a TD machine last season. We need to find ways to make him a red-zone threat.

In short, Trestman and Milanovich had better get their act together this Saturday. If we want to win the Grey Cup, we can't settle for FG attempts every time we're inside the 20. We have the same personnel as last year, everyone's healthy, it's the same (if expanded) playbook, NO EXCUSES.

If we don't score at least one passing TD this week, something is seriously wrong with our offense. now it's not only about scoring touchdowns but HOW they score touchdowns that seems to be bothering you. I haven't posted much lately but I am an avid reader of this forum and I must say that if I didn't know better, I would swear the Als were 1 - 5 based on many of your posts.

Don't get me wrong, I have much respect for you and the obvious vast knowledge that you have of the sport but seriously man, it would seem like the only way the Als will gain your praise is if they play every game to perfection. Also, I feel that we need to look at the other team that's on the field once and a while as well. For example, sure the Als lost in Edmonton but the way Ray was so pinpoint accurate with his throws during the game (which he is often capable of as we know), nobody was going to beat the Eskimos on that night. As far as Toronto goes, yup...awful offense but they still have a VERY decent defense (I wasn't expecting the Als to score 40+ points so I wasn't surprised in the least). They were just out on the field too damn long.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I find you a little overly nitpicky when it comes to our Als. Now if we were on the Argos' forum.... :roll:

I agree with Crimson Fox. The Argos have an EXCELLENT defense. The Als scored 25 points against this defense, and have scored more than 40 in 2 of their 6 games. The fact that people are complaining just shows that you can NEVER satisfy some people.

Sure, the Als offence isn't perfect. Who is? But they're damn good... and that's good enough for me.

The only complaint I have about the offence is why they're not playing MacPherson when the game's out of reach (as mentioned in a different thread). They need to give him more playing time so that he'll be better prepared if AC should get hurt.

  • Jack

You guys are happy losing in Grey Cup games? Be my guest. Go ahead and revel in the fact that we've been to the Grey Cup SIX TIMES in the past nine years and only won once. You remember the third quarter of the last Grey Cup? Yeah, that's right. Remember that feeling the next time you want to tell me everything's good because we're winning games against such contenders as the Toronto Argonauts.

I am tough on my Als because they have set such a high standard of regular-season excellence that we expect more. This team went to the Grey Cup final last season. This year, anything short of the Grey Cup itself will be a disappointment. I make no apologies for that. When you're the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, you're happy to have four wins after a third of the season is over. When you're the Montreal Alouettes, the standards are higher, and rightfully so.

Anyone who knows me on this forum knows I give credit as well as criticism where it's due. I was very critical of Burke and the defense last season, but after six games, there is no denying that the defense has improved markedly, in schemes, aggression, and quality of personnel (my one quibble is releasing Hill for Cox at LB; I don't really see any substantial improvement in that area to justify the move). The D-line is pressuring the QB. The linebackers are stuffing the run. The DBs are showing they can play tight man coverage. No complaints there.

But everyone knows the offense is capable of much more than what they're showing. The players know it. Cahoon has gone on record stating they need to improve their red-zone production, so it's not like I'm saying anything out of left field here. Essentially, Trestman and Milanovich have to call a better game in the red zone and the players have to execute better. On offense, we're healthy. No significant injuries. So what's the excuse for coming up short over and over again?

When your starting QB passes for almost 400 yards in a single game but doesn't score a single passing TD, something is wrong with your execution and philosophy in the red zone. I've already outlined what I perceive as the main problems in earlier posts, so I won't repeat myself. But we have to improve in this area. No ifs, ands or buts.

I understand what you are saying, and I pretty much agree with you but....The ALs are winning!
That is the bottom line. WIn the games.

Also did you notice during yesterdays game that Montreal has the 3rd best TD rate from the redzone?
Third best!
Not as shabby as we may have believed

Oh yes...I just LOVE losing in Grey Cup games. get so defensive as soon as somebody disagrees with you (at least I gave you props in my post :wink: ). Of course I'm disappointed when we don't win the Grey Cup but I also realize that there IS another team on the field and nobody is EVER going to play the perfect game. Sometimes the defense wins the game when the offense is sputtering, sometimes the special teams do the same. However, I don't remember ever seeing a team excel in every aspect of every game. Besides, in some of those Grey Cups, I firmly believe that the Als were the better team and would have won if it had not been for some bad luck.

In addition, sometimes the area you perceive as a weakness pulls through and gives you a chance to win and conversely, your strength turn into your Achilles heel. Case in point last year...all season, we were down on the Als D saying that we would never beat anyone down the stretch giving up all those yards. Oh yes, Burris was going to destroy them in the big game. Well, if memory serves, the D gave up only 1 offensive touchdown and 22 points. Conversely, the offense, who had a decent year all year fell flat in the second half...don't remember too many people predicting that.