I was just wondering if anyone knew the name of the song that is played when the ticats score a touchdown has a sort of punk rock feel to it


Bro Hymn-Pennywise

Don't think I can answer this BUT at the end of the Edmonton game they played the Tiger Cat Marching Song over the PA system. (written by Jake Gaudaur when he was TiCat President and GM...) It must have been a while since this has been played at Ivor Wynn since the season ticket holders in front of me didn't recognize it.
The tune is at and is not in the "punk rock " genre!

We love those cats those Tiger cats
The team with the spirit and fight
They'll crouch and snarl and charge and stride
To win with all their might

We love those cats those Tiger-cats
We don't mind adversity
For we'll Wiskee-wee-wee, and Oskee-wa-wa
Right on to victory.

To Tabbies!

Ticat marching song, kind of a corny now but at least its original. I cringe every time I hear Sask play and sing that "Green is the colour" I first heard this song when I was working in England, it was originally "Blue is the colour" and was penned for Chelsea soccer team. I think its disgusting that Sask fans stole it and changed the chorus, have the nerve to sing Chelsea's song!!

But I guess that is par for the course for Sask, remember when they stole the name Rough Riders from Ottawa.