Touchdown Tiger-Cats!

I think the tiger-cats are missing something when we score. Oh yes, a sound or something of that nature.
For example, whenever the Argo's score they play the boat horn sound and whenever the Eskies score they have the fireworks, as do Saskatchewan and Winnepeg. In the home game against Saskatchewan this season, whenever we scored a touchdown we had the ambulance sirens blazing away. But after that we stopped doing stuff like that. I really found it got people pumped up and excited and I think It'd be great if they brought something like that back for the entire 2009 season.

hey its trange u bring this up i also made a topic on this last year. we had the sirens for one game last year. i thought it was a great idea, it sounded great on tv and in the crowd it made me feel great, loved it and it got the crowds cheering, i say we bring it back! no firewors tho, our stadium is to close to fans lol. the sirens would do fine for me :slight_smile:

A couple of years back we had a dude run along the sidelines with a big flag.

I think we still do something now but a TD happens so infrequently I forget what they do :?

they still do the flag thing but it’s more gay than exciting and motivating. I want the sirens back lol.

The horn from the steel mills that starts and finishes work !!

A loud tiger growl over the speakers would be cool, everytime I hear them growl when we go to Killman zoo, it sends shivers up and down my spine.

What about getting the cannon back. We used to have the Navy Cadets fire the cannon, I can't remember when that ended.

I mentioned that a few hours ago and the post disappeared.

I suggested it ended because there were so few scores the powder probably went bad.

Guess it was too close to the truth !???

See how long ours last.

No. The cannon was too close to the DofascoVision screen.

That new screen wasn't in the West End Zone
when that cannon was used to celebrate TDs.

but loud sounds would mess up it's operation.

The best idea would be to play the chorus of a Tiger-oriented song as soon as the TD is scored. Eye Of The Tiger?

on in two, why is that the best idea? Figure of speech I hope? :?

We use to have a Cannon.. We should Bring it back

I remember fireworks after TD’s from the early to mid 90’s. They were set off in the scoreboard endzone. Long before TigerVision.

how about fire works from the goal posts? not crazy sparkling ones, but LOUD booms, lots of teams have them. i say any tds or fgs and we hear 2 HUGE BOOMS!..also, i would not mind some nice fireworks after a ticat victory, not like a crazy canada day display but at least a decent show.

Good Call

The cannon would work aimed at the visitor's bench.

From years gone by
North side, top of Sec. 7

an oldie but a goodie.

Last fireworks I remember were at a Pink Floyd concert at IWS.
They were unfortunately aimed wrong and blasted in to the old llite-brite scoreboard which was never the same after that........true story, cool show.

I heavily agree. We're missing that extra piece that makes a tiger-cat score that much better and a tiger-cat win better also.

I like the idea of a BOOM from a cannon, perhaps followed by a piece from "Eye of the tiger".

Suffice it to say, we need something.