Touchdown Song?

Game day at Ivor Wynn is great and getting better, adding things each year like the drum line, and halftime entertainment that's getting better each year. Not to mention great traditions like the Oskie-wee-wee chant, and the unmentionable Labour Day favourite

Last year i went to all 11 home games, and noticed that we changed our touchdown song a number of times.

In the early season we used the course from Bro Hymn Tribute by the band Pennywise. Great song, catchy, and could have caught on if given time.

For the two retro games we used I Feel Good by James Brown. again, great pick, famously known song, and fitting for a TD celebration.

at the last few home games and playoff game however, both of these where switched out for some dance song.

I'd like to see the team and event planners to pick one song, and stick with it, and build another tradition comparable to, but unique from Buffalo's "Shout" that would be played after each major scored for the Black and Gold.

What's everyone's feeling on this one, and what song would you like to hear?

Can’t go wrong with Chelsea Dagger! Been done before, but sounds pretty cool when the Blackhawks score.
Otherwise, I just like hearing that tiger roar!

Can the song, I want explosive's :twisted:
Something like in Edmonton would be neat.

The Tiger Cat "fight song"!!!!

I would like to hear something by Puccini! :smiley:

we had a touchdown song?

Woohoo, taking care of business (starting where taking care of business is repeated) or the version of I'm on a boat that the team made.

Something from Gianni Schicchi, Tosca, or a little Butterfly perhaps? From your name i would have thought you would prefer a rendition of "Cocktails for Two" or maybe "Beetlebaum" (not the group).

blur - song 2 ?

always a classic in my mind

Close, but no cigar, Mark. I grew up in an Italian household with opera recordings playing constantly.

Actually, being the very macho football fan that I am, I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I love the operas,
my personal favourites being Carmen and La Traviata. Ahh, go Cats, Go! :wink:

What was that rap song they'd play last year? Someone told me it was Arland Bruce's song. Does anyone know what it was called? It was a pretty simplistic song, but one I wouldn't mind adding to my game day mix with the old Ti-Cat fight song, Lux Aeterna and Welcome to the Jungle.


Flight of the Valkyries.

For the Retro game, I think it would be excellent if they played the "We love those cats" marching song when we score. It certainly would contribute to the atmosphere. Welcome to the Jungle would be great for the first score of the game as well.

Also I especially liked "The Lion sleeps tonight" whenever the Lions came into town. I wish there was a fitting song for every team visiting. I think the Dueling Banjos from Deliverance would be appropriate for the Rough Riders. "Horse with no name" maybe for the Stampeders. "Gentille Alouette" is also a good song, but you need to know what it means.

I think they tried to do this last year, but I don't remember all of them. Of course there was the "Love Boat" theme for you-know-who...

Chelsea Dagger is the PERFECT song to play after every touchdown. They played it after many of the home wins but it would be cool to hear it after every touchdown.

I know the Black Hawks use it. but you know what - they use it to their advantage. Teams coming into Chicago HATE to hear that song. The fans go crazy.

I'm sure Ivor Wynne would go even more crazy - there are quite a few less TD's scored in a game than goals.

Hope someone in marketing is monitoring this - again the Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger is perfect....