touchdown song?

So, glad to see we won at today's Labour Day classic....but my one complaint

The song we played after a touchdown at the Eskimo's game was awesome, got you really pumped up, was football. I believe it was Bro Hymn by Pennywise.

Also at the end of the game they played Chelsea Dagger by the Fratelli's (better known as the Chicago Blackhawks goal song)

Both of these songs were super cool and get you pumped up. In fact all the music that night was awesome.

Today was back to the 1960's tunes that this team is known for. I can't even remember what song they played after touchdowns today, but it was out of date and boring.

As bad is it is to say, the atmosphere at the Eskimo's game was better than today's, and that's not right!!! It should have been with 30k in the house! and I really think the music had a little bit to do with it!

See you all on Friday for the rematch!!!

Gee, do you think maybe it was 1960s tunes because it was RETRO NIGHT? And we're honoring 1965 with our retro uniforms? Just a thought.

yeah, just a thought, but a poor one. Retro night was in July. Yes they wore the throwbacks (which was great) but this was no retro game bro.

In other words, the Cats game day guys did a great job with music, in game stuff, etc at the Esks game and I feel not so much this game.