Touchdown passes

The drought should be over tonight. I believe Ritchie will put two in the endzone. We have the receivers and Ritchie has the arm and the desire.

But will he have the time?

Here's hoping you're right!

He seems to be mobile enough to make time.

He will have time if he makes good reads and adjusts to the pass rush.

Yeah, reads.

I'm thinking Casey is not looking comfortable in the read aspect of the game. he seems to be locking on to receivers and waiting a tad to long to release the ball.

I'll be watching for Richie to look off his primary receivers and releasing the ball more quickly than Casey has.

The one aspect of Willams game that bothers me the most is his hesitance to run the ball . I want to see him to take off with the ball when he is under pressure .

Him and Printers are very fast guys and I dont understand why they dont run more often . Forget about getting hurt and run the damn ball . That along with Lumsden will create seams for the passing game to succeed !!!!

We will throw a TD pass if they throw a screen to Lumsden at the right time tonight.

Really? I think of him as a running QB.

Hmmm...I'll watch for that tonight and see if he should have or could have run for maore than he does.

so is printers.

Yeah Richie needs to pick up some first downs with his legs and limit the amount of time Montreal's offense is on the field.