Touchdown! (in Edmonton)

Or actually Leduc/Nisku.

'Swoop’ed in tonite…Arrived 1:12 am… Edmonton time!

At sister’s now. It’s 2:50 and about to hit the hay. Flew out of London. About 15 on the flight going to the game. Most Bomber fans. One family has a rookie on the Bombers and another son as a DB on the Marauders.

In London.people didn’t really know there was a Grey Cup.this weekend. Step off the plane in Edmonton and everyone knows

I hope you and your son have a great oskee wee wee time in cowtown. Please post updates so we all can, at least, enjoy your experience vicariously.

:wink: :wink: :wink:

Will do!

By the way the Bomber family- son rookie Nick Hallett.

Hey Mark.

Did you get your parking city transit issue resolved? (My wife’s brother lives in cowtown and I could ask his advice).

Yup. Will be parking early in transit parking n. of stadium. Cup tickets give free rides.

Thanks Mike


Anybody going to the outdoor tailgait party at McMahon today?