touchdown hoopla

Great win tonight, how come we dont have any fireworks etc....when the cats score a touchdown not even any music tonight whats up with that

The consensus, at least on this on-line forum was that the Tiger-Cats had been pumping too much music too loudly, too often and that it was taking away from crowd's natural energy and support.

The team seems to have listened and even Jason Farr the PA announcer seems to have taken it down a notch.

I for one can't complain. I like true a true gameday experience that's focused on the football!

Fireworks can damage he Tiger-Vision and burn up the Field Turf (especially if they launch sideways)...

It's about balance. The cannon was cool in past years, but any fireworks routine I am always a little leery of -- unless it is done safely by top pros in the field. Given the past history of burning turf, I can see why the City and the team may be reticent about repeating those bad experiences.

Oski Wee Wee,

It’s just a guess, but maybe because it was blackout night.Fireworks are pretty bright. :wink: