Touchdown Dinner A Big Success !!

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If you were to ask almost any pro football player about the people who have had the most positive impact on their lives, they almost certainly would all have one answer in common.

All over the country, thousands of minor league football coaches devote countless hours of their time to make the dream of playing football possible for young athletes, and last night was a chance for some of them to receive some much-deserved recognition.

Almost 500 people packed Carmen’s in Hamilton last night for the first annual Touchdown Dinner and Awards, put on by the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

“This is just an amazing event for us to recognize the hard work of coaches and to assist them to help raise funds and grow football in our city,? said Ticats Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille.

“I grew up playing in Ottawa and as a young kid I needed that financial support as well, so I know the kids are going to really benefit from this,? he added.

The CFL on TSN panel (Dave Randorf, Jock Climie, Matt Dunigan & Milt Stegall) entertained the crowd at Tuesday's Touchdown Dinner and Awards
The event was MC’d by Dave Randorf, who was joined by Jock Climie, Milt Stegall and Matt Dunigan on stage to form a replica of their popular CFL broadcast set.

With a packed house, it’s estimated that the event raised over $25,000, all of which will go to benefit the many minor football programs in the Hamilton area.

The rich football tradition that Hamilton has was in full view last night as both former and current Tiger-Cats stars were in attendance to listen to the CFL on TSN’s panel of speakers lead the night’s festivities.

“I think we all know that Hamilton has a great football tradition and we’re very fortunate to have five organized leagues and teams right here in our backyard,? said Mark Bowden, the Ticats Vice President of Community Affairs.

“It’s up to the Tiger-Cats to support these kinds of organizations because we don’t know where our next player is going to come from, or who is going to become the next Dave Stala,? he said.

It was the first time that the Ticats have organized this event, but judging from the turnout and the enthusiasm of everyone in attendance, it won't be the last.

Awesome Job Ticats Staff !! :thup:

Glad it turned out well. I wanted to go but admit I was cheap and counting my money right now. The important thing for me is to keep my 2 seasons tickets going, I just have to make a choice on what to spend on.

I wouldn't say you were cheap, Earl. I would have loved to go, but couldn't spend that much money on one dinner either. It's nice that they did that and I'm happy they raised so much money.

It was a great time!! Good people, good food, great fun!!! I've never been to an event where you can rub shoulders with our Hamilton Ticats and CFL Legends. All of which were open to conversation and sharing a few laughs. It was like, actually being on the team. The big air helmet was set up just outside the doors, went in and there was great tailgate food set up for everyone.
The TSN panel where very entertaining and they all had a great spin on what they think is in store for our Ticats....except one Mr. Milt Stegall... :lol:
And all for one great cause!! It was totally worth every penny spent. I look forward to next year!
Go Cats Go
Go Minor Football Go

Thanks moon, now I'm a bit feeling down for missing this. :frowning:

But glad it was a success. :thup: Boding well for the future. :thup:


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