touchdown dances

Can the league impose a taunting penalty if a team does anything other than tap the player on the back? These antics are getting more idiotic each week. If I was playing for the other team, I wouldn't be taking the antics lying down!

we dont want to be the NFL now and the only idiots that do those idiotic dances are the stamps recieving group

Then you'd be too immature to be playing. If they want a celebration for a big play, let 'em. They're supposed to be out there having fun and entertaining the fans. Walking around just doesn't cut it.

IMO, anyone who takes offense to these dances is displaying poor sportsmanship.

Kerry Watkins was recently flagged because he spiked the ball after a catch. I believe Unsportsmanlike conduct was the call.

But then, Rambo can hump the goalpost and the Copeland crew can simulate a bobsleigh ride in the opponent's house, and all is good.

I agree there should be a limit somewhere. I have nothing about a guy who dunks the football over the goal post, makes a Gizmo flip or even make a tiny one-man dance (like Sandro DeAngelis did). But choregraphed stuff has to go.

It all depends if they're in their face. Hell, you caa spike the ball and not get called as long as you're not trying to rub it in. I think it's fine.

Exactly. It should only be a penalty if they are in the oppositions face rubbing it in.

If they don't like watching them dance, stop letting them score.

let them do a little dance, make a lil money, GET DOWN TONIGHT!

The bombers are well known for their dances as well!!

How many more of these threads are there going to be this has been what the thrid one this year! Boring! I suggest if you not not like these kust turn your tv set off take your pen protector put in your shirt pocket and find someone to play chess! Or simply watch the NFL the same thing!

Ya wanna explain to me how you associate people who don't want dancing as wusses and people who do as uh... lets say macho

Right on Third....If I want dancing, I'll watch "Dance with the Stars!"

I wish the refs would blow time in quicker for the converts. Maybe after a few time count penalties, the choreographed stuff would end.

I don't know about you guys but when I go to a footballl game it is to watch the game, I'm not there in the hopes I can watch a bunch of men dance with each other. If you call that being "entertained" then you are there for the wrong reason. Just my opinion.

I think the whole league needs to take a step back, and discuss what the limitations are. Next I believe they need to ENFORCE IT.

I'm all for Ben Cahoon's method.. He just hands the reffs the ball.. acting like
"I've been here before, I'll be here again."

I have a question. Last week, at the begining of the game, when the Stampeders were introduced, they went to midfield and did their team yell and whatever. Is the visiting team allowed to do this? I thought that was disrespectful. More disrespectful then the beating the Stamps gave the Als :cry:

Ever notice it's all the people representing the losing teams who complain about this?
Explain to me why some dancing is okay, but other dancing isn't.. and why it should only be okay at home, WITHOUT using the word disrespect, and maybe I'll think about your arguments for more than 2 seconds. Until then, it's just sour grapes from people who feel like they had the loss "rubbed in".
Boo hoo. It's football. Get tough.

Oh please that is ridiculous!!!!!!
This topic has been going on for a long time and it it pretty much the same people who are for it and who are against it!

The TD dances come before the game is won or lost!

BTW since when is dancing tough????

Yeah, and whoever is on the losing side comes on here and cries about it.

I didn't say dancing was tough, I said if it makes you cry YOU should get tough, and stop crying.

.....doesn't make me cry....I just think they look dorky.....

They can stay, they can go, I'll react the same way to the play....

And that's exactly what you should do. If you like it, great, get into it.. if not, who cares? Just wait until the next play when your team can (hopefully) shove the dance down the other guys' throats.