Touchdown celebration

Were the ticats penalized for the touchdown celebration?

Nope, great to see the celebration. Chris Williams can also bowl. :rockin:

I prefer Ron Lancaster's old dictum:

"just act like you've been there before"

too much risk of a taunting penalty in touchdown celebrations.

I thought the league brought in a penalty for "group" celebrations a couple of years ago. At that time several of the teams were celebrating in little routines after each penalty. It got rather silly. Then early this year Dave Stala was given a penalty for kicking the ball into the stands after scoring a touchdown. Is this inconsistent?

Call me old school but I liked Terry Grant's way more then Williams but I am really glad when there are any Ticats touchdown celebrations!!

call me new school then if you get in the endzone you can dance as much as you want.

Maybe Williams' celebration will cause the league to look at instituting some sort of "three strikes" policy. :wink:

On a serious note, Tom Higgins went on record saying that the official erred in penalizing Stala for his 'kick into the stands' celebration in BC.

Tbis stuff is as stupid as those fake jumps into the stands after a td in the NFL that teams make the players do I'm told. :thdn:

Here's an idea - let's nto score touchdowns, so there will be one less thing for you to complain about.

For crying out loud - we won a game against our most bitter rivals. Why the f@#$ are you so bitter about a harmlsee TD celebration?

Look I'm not into this stuff like a player scoring a goal in hockey and jumping into the glass - but agree if the players get turned on with this stuff, let them do it, fair enough. Sports isn't accounting or library science. :wink:

I'm just glad there are touchdowns to celebrate. Keep 'em coming.
Oski wee wee!

Keep scoring TDs, and they could even tell lame jokes, for all I care. Oh, wait....

What, give the players a mike with access to the PA system.after a TD? :stuck_out_tongue:

Terry Grant's was smooooth. Much like his style!
At least Williams' involved the O-line and Porter did this time too. But, personally not a fan of the "quick get into acting position" on the football field. Although, Otis' machine gun stance was fun to watch at times or Monford's flex. But, that was more of a solo effort in getting the job done.

The rest of the country got to hear Stala's jokes, so why not subject the crowd to them too? I mean, why not let the crowd hear them too?

Ok, that's the "next big thing" in td celebrations. :wink:

Whoa big boy. settle down. No one is bitter. I was just questioning why there was no penalty when Stala was penalized earlier in the season. I learn now that Higgins has stated that the league made a mistake on the Stala play. I got it. :roll:

The group celebrations are much better in my mind because it's a team effort. Teams doing anything together helps the brotherhood they have saturate every player.

Here is an idea for those that like to tell players how to behave.. tell the player to his face and not us.

I may be alone here, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! It was second only to the boat celebration. It was genius and Glenn McKay teetering before he fell over was classic. I laughed for ages and had to watch it several times over. Showed it to my mom on too and she loved it.

As for group celebrations being penalized, if Staggerville didn't get flagged for the planking celebration we shouldn't have gotten flagged for this. It took up very little time and was quite enjoyable.

Me too.

If players want to celebrate by doing circus acts or juggling tricks, they can, and the more TDs the better. I just think it's silly and juvenile.

I prefer Terry Grant's way. Reminds me of Barry Sanders, or George Reed... "Veni, vidi, vinci." All in a day's work. Pure class.