Has anyone been to halifax going there for the game

I live in Halifax and I am going to the Game. I have really good seats too.

i sorta want to go but too far for me…at least im going to the grey cup

I'm sitting in the middle of 15.

Nice seats, Sporty ... what row?

I wish I could go, but it's too far away, and I'm too poor ... any indication of how sales are going?

Who are sections 14 and 13 for?

im hoping i can make it to the game!

$46 for end zone seats? Wow.

I've never been to the east coast. While I'd love to go there, it's not possible this year. I'll be watching on TV, though, and cheering for those Renegades!

Row 8. Coincidently, I know the person directly behind us.

sporty try to bring photo's of the game if you can hope the rens win the TD atlantic

how long are the tickets on sale for/where you buy them??

If they aren't sold out (I don't know if they are) They will probly keep selling them till the game comes or till they run out.

so you dont know how much or where???

$68.50 and $46. It says so in the top corner of the picture. My tickets are $68.50, in a really good spot.

[url=] ... d=58&cid=7[/url] . If theyre not yet sold out, you can order them here.

Tickets available to purchase at:

  • The Ticket Atlantic Box Office
  • Charge by phone at (902) 451-1221
  • Select Atlantic Superstore outlets
  • Online (click Get Tickets Now! above once on sale)"

There is complete info on the site.

If The gades a dispanded than who will take there place in the game?
Has this been looked at yet?

We've been taking about it on this forum but I dont think anyone knows for sure.

my pick is the Bombers, if they teporany move to the East. HEY HXBOMBERSFAN! YOU TEAM IS COIMNG TO TOWN!!!

Everyone please think positively. With fingers crossed, not only will the Gades play but they will win.

I'm thinking positively in tha the gades will take this year off and come out flying in the next season!

Ottawa in 07!

KK it won't happen. If the league mothballs the team for this year it will spell the death for football in Ottawa.
At the worst, the league must prop it up in order to stay in the market.

and look at the latter mate, play short handed and risk losing every more millions?

it’s time for Ottawa to start over.