touchdown atlantic??

i know they were supposed to go back for part 2 with the als and gades but whenever expansion comes up, halifax and quebec seem to be the 2 cities being mentioned. is this just another case of the league trying something and then forgetting about it? to me, it seemed like a success. go back for the real part 2 with the bombers this time. heck why not have an afternoon game in quebec city with the als and argos or bombers?

city legend

i agree...TD atlantic needs to happen again.

yeah the CFL nees to go to other places to spruce up interest for eventual expansion. Try a few regular season games in a place for maybe a decade, and if interest is enough, move there. have a few games in QC at PEPS, or a few in ST Mary's and expand that to 20, 000, or London at TD Waterhouse and expand that to 20, 000. of course i say move there if there is an owner with 50-100 million dollars laying around.

This suspiciously smells like another expansion thread! :lol:

Well, it has been a few weeks without some one posting the "E" word! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Its an expensive thing to put on. I bet if they had won the right to host the Commonwealth games, you may have seen more Touch Down Atlantic. Right now it may be an extra expense that is not needed.

I beleive resurrecting Ottawa is higher on the priority list than Exhibition games in Atlantic Canada.

There is nothing wrong with expansion threads.

People bring it up so often because they want to see it happen; I want to see it happen.

Quebec City is Perfect for expansion.

Realistically, the CFL should not just sit around and wait for Hamilton to die out or Toronto to redraw the US-Canada border to get in the NFL in order for the CFL to say, "Oops maybe we should have tried to get another team in here at some point.

The best sounding league to me would be:

Quebec, Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa

Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Calgary, Edmonton, BC

Now Thryllin, I can agree with everything in your post.

I agree that it should happen if done right! (Stable owners, Large enough Stadiums)

Quebec, Ottawa, and maybe Halifax are legitimate expansion spots for CONSIDERATION.

Its when I see crap like Saskatoon, Victoria, Red Deer, that I roll my eyes and say, oh brother here we go again.

who cares about expansion right now? i just want to see another freakin' game in halifax!

i think halifax and quebec should be given a shot before ottawa gets it's 3rd. and i think if you were to expand west you do really only have 2 options. London Ontario and Saskatoon. They should play regular season games in Quebec and Halifax, instead of a crappy pre season game. they should play a pre season game in a new place every year, it doesn't have to be at a premier stadium, and it doesn't have to be to eye expansion, just to give all of Canada a taste of the CFL. Maybe instead of Toronto getting 3, 000 in the rogers center they could go play a pre season game out at Queens University, or Western, where they would sell out. I think they should have Winnipeg and Montreal play in Quebec at PEPS. And this year for the Argos-Cats rivalry, why not play the back to back labour day games at Ivor Wynne and Rogers Center like normal, and then the 3rd game could be at a neutral site, say St. Mary's. Then after you sell out some games there for a few years, that is when you consider expansion.

You have a great imagination there 3 1's. Why would the Argos with 20,000 season ticket holders play in stadiums that can only be expanded to 10,000.

i was saying they should go to Kingston for a pre season game. why not, the stadium is dirt cheap to operate and they would sell out, get like 15, 000. better than getting 8, 000 to the rogers center which costs hundreds of thousands to run. And as for the regular season game, i am sure St. Mary's can be expanded to 20, 000. And PEPS is already 20, 000, so Montreal would not have to expand it at all.

Well, like you know like that would be like awesome. lol

But, hey ticats111 I like your enthusiasm.

But we're not going to see any more Towndown Atlantics until Nova Scotia builds a 25-30,000 seat stadium.