Touchdown Atlantic tickets***

I was watching a live internet broadcast of a Moosheads game and it was intermission. An ad was on and it was for TDA. It said tickets go on sale March 24.

Before I posted this I thought I'd search for more info. I found it.

[url=] ... d=58&cid=7[/url]

If you know any other sites with ticket information please list it here.

YES!!!!!!! I got tickets!!! There good seats too.

I wonder if the Renegades will be there? Maybe BC can be persuaded?

You know, the funny thing is I'm not convinced that the Renegades, if a team is fielded this year, are going to be all that bad. Sometimes adversity like what is going on now does bring players together more and well, who knows, I'm actually thinking they may be exciting to watch as a result, and that Jenkins offence might be better than what some make out.

The one thing Jenkins does have going for him is that he is pass first and this is a pass first league...who knows, maybe they can fake out a few D's by using s successful combination of the Passing Jenkins is so infamous for, then getting Joseph to scramble just when they think theyre going for the long bomb...could work.