Touchdown Atlantic Ticket Sales

Uh, 1400 tickets seems like a very small amount. Surely those are just reserved for game-day walk ups.

I thought that, too. A walk up crowd of 1,400 doesn’t seem like much to ask.

Yeah I really don't get it, and I'm sure more tickets have sold since this post.

Sounds like the #stadiumsaretheapocalypse crowd are at it again

It’s great to see fans that actually go out and buy tickets! $112 a ticket? but the site shows $60 tickets?
A 16,000 crowd paying $112 a ticket is great, that’s over twice the price of the average CFL ticket. That would be equal to a CFL crowd of 32,000!!

I think there are a lot of fans that do wait and see instead of buying the tickets up front. I’m sure the walk up crowd will snap them up. Montreal fans can drive to Moncton in 10 hours or so.

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Sideline to sideline tickets had two price points 100 and a bit (Came to 115 with the service charges) and the Silver sideline were around 80.00. I’d say the average for the sideline seats is probably around 85 to 90 bucks and then by the looks of it they have an end zone grandstand that holds around 5000 people. So the average price for the 16 000 tickets is around 75.00 a head.

Just a note that most don’t drive to the Big O, they take the subway. Moreover, the Impact stadium is right next door, and they are getting good crowds. The issue with the Big O, and I’ve been there many times, is that it needs a serious update.

As for Touchdown Atlantic, this will be the 3rd game out East, and I’m glad our fellow Canadians in that part of the country are getting a taste!

The place has 70’s technology, its old and dirty, your insanely far from the field and some people consider the place downright dangerous. I’m hoping they look at what was done in BC Place before its too late and it costs the same just to tear it down.

I don't know how they could update the Big "Owe" I can't see how they could ever knock it down, the amount of concrete is incredible. How could they ever shrink it. It was built for Track and Field for the Olympics and as London has found out they are having a hard time trying to find a soccer team that wants to use it, the fans are too far away from the field.
When I lived in St Jean, I used to drive to the Big Owe, there is a big parking lot underneath and plenty of street parking.

i am well aware of these other issues. but, when talking to people in montreal, the reason that comes up first, is usually that it’s too far outside of the city.
i am aware of the subways, as i took a subway out there both visits to montreal ( biodome, olympic tower and botanical gardens are there ), and that would be the logical method of transportation.

I hope to see another game there in 2014 as well as for the changes in seating and prices whether you think it is the right or wrong move to make trying something different was a good idea.
Having Montreal playing there again next season would probably help the cause since they are closest but you can't expect the Als to give up a home game in which they make good profits and have a strong following of its 20K plus that pay premium prices that make up for the lack of numbers. A quality over quantity typ thing.
The one team that can afford to move one of there home games is Toronto. The CFL keeps pumping $$$ into the Argo organization in different ways and this could be a positive way to do that.
The CFL most likley compensates the home team quite nicely for moving there home game and for Toronto making it a more profitable game then they would get on a tues nigh at RC would make sense for everyone.
Announce now and get it in place the Argos hosting the Als in the 2014 TD Atlantic.

That’s the only way another Touchdown Atlantic will happen, the Argos giving up a home game. Hamilton is not going to give up a home game at their new stadium.

exactly i wuold think that Toronto would be very interesting in being compensated nicely to play in the TD Atlantic until there stadium situation is straightend out or an expansion team does come to Halifax.

I do not see the Argos giving up a home date especially since there does not appear to be a buzz in Moncton this year and the reduced attendance.

If the CFL can assure them compenation for the promotional game in Moncton that would be a substancial revenue boost to the tuesday night game(s) that they may have to play next season then the Argos should certainly go for it with the Als as there opponent it would at the very least give the Atlantic football fans a glimpse at there future east rivals.
If the CFL thinks that they have exhasted everything they can from the TD Atlantic in Montcon to promote the CFL in Atlantic Canada then stoppin it would also make sense with more focus on actully building a stadium and gettting a team in the region and city they want Halifax

You know I went looking on the Moncton sites like Moncton CentreVille and others. I can’t even get ONE hit about anything around the game and its a week away. I don’t know who was in charge of promoting it this year but IMO whoever was in charge of this event completely dropped the ball. No practice schedules. I mean NOTHING. Considering a lot of people have to make travel arrangements even if your going for the weekend like I am, this is very disrespectful.

Sounds like politics.

The fact is they're getting 16,000 by gameday, and they've had nearly 20,000 other years in a complete dump of a stadium. Put something that's an attraction there and you will get more. You know 'If you build it they will come'

It seems like this may be the last one with such little effort promoting it. Seats are expensive so if they were to look to say the college crowd to promote the game the price is not right

Heard on the radio this morning that there are 1000 tickets left.

so, it's a 16,000 seat stadium, minus the 1000 unsold tickets, minus the fans of hamilton and montreal who are traveling to the game, and you are left with?....14,000 local area attendees?

14,000 ( ? ) people in the area who are willing to pay to watch a bi-annual event.
and some people think a permanent team in Moncton - playing 10 home games per year - is a good idea?
a permanent team which will have bad years, or multiple bad years, and will draw flies?

i never want to hear 'Moncton' and 'CFL' in the same sentance again after this weekend.

Halifax and/or Quebec City are, and always have been, the only 'realistic' expansion cities worth discussing.

Agreed but right now Moncton really has the only stadium that can be converted into something at least close to a CFL stadium so playing the TD Atlantic game somewhere in the Maritimes was a good idea but for a permanent team Halifax would be the better choice