Touchdown Atlantic Ticket Sales

Despite the fact that capacity has been reduced to about 16k, there are still more than 1400 tickets remaining for Touchdown Atlantic.

And that is the last we will hear of Moncton expansion ever again.
Proven right, again!

I have to admit, despite the initial visit with a sellout crowd and the great talk in the city for a future team, this experiment appears dead in the water.

Don't worry, the expansion zealots will find new cities to promote....Flin Flon Manitoba, Melville Saskatchewan, Thunderbay Ontario, Williams Lake BC, Stay tuned! :roll: :roll:

People in Montreal dislike going to the Big O, in part, because it is out of the way. People don't like driving there.
Similar complaints in Ottawa of Canadian tire Centre in Kanata.

You go where the people are. Not where you want them to be.

An Atlantic CFL team needs to needs to be where the people are - Halifax - not where you would hope they would drive to - Moncton.

Would u as Torontonian buy a ticket to see the Halifax Mooshead's play the Moncton whatever's if they played a game in your backyard ?
You see, its a whole different ballgame when there is not a home team invlolved.......even if it is testing the waters for future there is still 2 weeks to go whose to say it will not sell out ... I am betting it will.

I said it back when prices first came out that it was too expensive for the market.

Here we are. Speaking as a relative local (living one city over), NB has arguably the worst economy in the country and is relatively poor compared to places with CFL teams. Once you add the fees, two endzone seats are $115, and that's the cheapest tickets in the house. Far as I can tell that's among if not flat out the highest price in the CFL for cheap seats.

Top it off with a matchup between two teams that until a couple of weeks ago both looked terrible (and have a combined record of under .500 still), and it's going to be a hard sell.

The talk about expansion was always premature anyway. There's no owner, and no money for a stadium in New Brunswick. If Alward tried it he'd be burned in effigy, considering the news for the last week has been totally dominated by abysmal service at local hospitals and health care cuts that are making it worse. Money for a stadium? Not a chance.

Halifax makes more sense in a lot of ways. It’s central to all of NS and within 4 hours of most of the population of NB (sorry Edmunston). There is land in Shannon Park which is a close to downtown location that could possibly be shared with St Marys. Some transportation issues between Dartmouth and Halifax would need to be worked out, but if an owner was to step up Halifax could work.

I agree about this years game. Too small a venue drove ticket prices higher than the CFL average in a hard hit province and you have 2 teams that looked good a year ago for a match up, but a lot has changed since to take the shine off this one until just recently.

Wow............. a $115 for 2 tickets for a event that has not happened for two years is too expensive ?? are right there is not hope. much is a case of 24 Alpine beers down there ? does no one go to the Moncton casino or the bars or restaurnats or hotels as there is no money ......... Just wondering .

With the highest provincial unemployment rate in the country, generally lousy wages, and most of the market requiring a lengthy drive to see a couple of lousy teams?

Going by the ticket sales, I'd say yes it is too expensive.

Not sure about the actual price of beer, but when anyone from Halifax travels through Quebec they always fill the car with cheap beer on their way. Life in general is a lot more exspensive here than in Ontario.

If they built a brand new stadium like Winnipeg that was nice and not a piece of garbage I think it would be a different story.

only 16,000 capacity?
why did the powers that be reduce seating capacity, when the league is attempting to broaden it's fan base out East?

Losing 5,000 spectators and the resulting hike in ticket prices will not help matters.

It's time to take Touchdown Atlantic out back behind the old shed and put it out of its misery.

My guess would be fan complaints about sitting high up behind the endzone, along with difficulty selling these seats for the second Touchdown Atlantic.
I don't know why Moncton didn't put up some of the temporary seats along the endzone sidelines. That would add a minimum of 80 yards for seating. While the view from these seats would not be outstanding, they would be an improvement over the view from seats behind the endzones.

Yeah. They also could have sold those for less. A $20 ticket would have helped the buzz for sure.

There has been Zero promotion of the game. Zero contests. Nothing. I think 16 000 people at 112.00 a ticket is pretty damn good. Its better than some of the paying crowds in Toronto.

Anyway I'm grateful the CFL is bringing its product to Atlantic Canada and I spoke with my wallet. Just placed a large order for SWAG for myself and the wife today on the Als site. I doubt I would have bought 300.00 of gear if the game wasn't held here.

It was a smart move on the leagues part. I'm sure they did there research from last years game about how bad some of the seats were. Having 5,000 empty seats on TV would not look good for the league or the game sponsors

Sounds like the Bills games in Toronto.

It's hard to get excited about someone else's team.