Touchdown Atlantic ticket prices

In my humble opinion, they made a huge mistake on pricing for this game. As a decades long CFL fan who visited just about all the stadiums (including US teams) this is a disaster in the making. The geezer committee (see other thread) would have saved them the headache.

No idea.

did the CFL have to pay Moncton to have the game there?

The priority should have been to sell out and maximize eyes on the game. Tickets should have been priced to cover expenses only.

This is still an exhibition game where starters are only going to play a minimal part.

The NHL does this here in Sask, the Flames and Oilers hold exhibition games in Saskatoon and Regina, and they rarely sell out. Regina’s rink only holds approximately 6500, and Saskatoon’s has a 15k capacity.

Having lived in Calgary and gone to regular season and playoff games, i find the ticket prices they charge are ridiculous.

TD Atlantic? No its a regular season game in August

Still… If I was from the East coast and saw those prices, I’d be offended.

They have a disaster in the making. How do you justify these prices compared to the rest of the schedule and have the audacity to ask for 100 million plus in taxpayer funds and land for the privilege of being gouged?

Not only will they end up papering the place, but they will also create “mortal enemies” who will use this against their Halifax project.

Prices should only be about 10% more then those seats in 2013 chart. Instead they are a 50 - 70% increase. Ridiculous.

Thanks for the correction on the game date. So used to these types of games being exhibition.

Still disagree with pricing. I would want a full stadium on a televised game.

Who’s playing, anyway?

Perhaps they are expecting a LOT of Corporate Support. Is there a lot there?

Argos are playing the Als. Still with corporate support, one would think LeBlanc’s market study or whatever he blabbers about doesn’t include gauging what firms are willing to pay.

Should have a nice selloff on the way at this rate…I think they sold 4 or 5tickets today and a few are kicking the tires 8)

there isn’t a lot of corporate support in Moncton, that’s for sure. There will only be so many corporate seats sold outside the CMA of Moncton. The majority of support will have to come from Moncton and all areas about an hour away. Montreal and Toronto fans do not travel well as evidenced by past Grey Cups so it will be no different for this game.

For once, we ALL agree.

This is going to be a HARD sell and the optics don’t improve when you drop ticket prices.

Got to love the trollers. If the prices were less, they would be saying the league were giving away tickets to fill the stadium. The prices are more than fair for the product and the limited number of seats.

I guess we DON’T ALL agree. :wink:

Such a weird thread.
People weighing in and don’t know who’s playing or thinking it’s a ex game.
Makes one wonder.

Times have changed

I remember when the 1 guy who disagreed was a troll

Now the 1 guy who disagrees calls the 9 guys who agree trolls

The league would be wise to remember it is only entertainment and not the NHL. There are other options out there for those who are price conscientious.

Very well priced. Big league entertainment costs. Enjoy, 25,000 pack in. $10 a beer, sweet.
Win-win for all CFL fans!!

Entertainment is spelled CFL, the prices are more than reasonable and especially for a one off event.
Some of the nonsense spewed here would also be critical if the fans were let in for free.

$183.00 a ticket plus fees to see a regular CFL game between the two standings bottom dwellers from out of town is reasonable?

The beauty about this tread is all the comments will be here in August when people say What the hell happened?