Touchdown Atlantic ticket prices

Are they out of their minds?

Prices include tax and whatnot

83 dollars for endzone

Goal line to goal line all the same price

Lower 6 rows is 138$ everything above is 108

Other side is goal line to 40, 108.
Between the 40ies 183
40 to goal line 108

That side only has 16 rows

They are nuts

It costs the same to sit on the 55 as it does on the goal line

And the higher seats should be more expensive, not the lower ones

I don’t know why the link is not working…I get a price page but no seat map


Oh and they tell you prices could change due to demand

Good Lord. Sometimes / Lots of times, this League is its own worst enemy.

183.00… I can go to three games in Montreal this summer for that kind of money.
They also reserved off all the best seats…

Hope it works out for them.

i.e. Lack of demand could bring the prices down?

Could be the 2016 Grey Cup all over again.

They could, but will they refund the difference if they do?

I would think they would have too. They did for 2016 Grey Cup from what I remember.

Granted I didn’t buy tickets until they reduced them. Sounds like many out east will too.

I dont remember for the Grey Cup

I do remember them doing it for one of the Bills games in Toronto

They definitely did not reimburse for the 2016 Grey Cup. I paid full price for my endzone seats when I could have paid for sideline seats and a pizza for $30.

This pricing looks disastrous. It’s like there’s no thought put into it or they have no idea how to price a stadium. The east side has the same price for all seats and the west side has more gradient pricing. So weird.

A $78 minimum though? And that’s endzone seats? Good luck.

I just don’t understand the point of charging those prices. You’re trying to impress / sell the idea of a CFL and you gouge them.

Especially with the facility .

It’s one thing to think the CFL will sell . A completely different thing to think the facility will sell .

A high school stadium with a track and most seats in terrible locations for the price when compared to current CFL facilities .

You need to make the price lower not higher because of the facility your inviting people to watch the CFL in .

It insults our sensibilities and we are CFL fans here that feel invested enough to post what are you doing to the CFL fans who you want to entice into being life long fans when you make the prices very high for where they are situated for viewing a game . Not to also speak on the amenities which for the most part are temporary .

I thought they understood that from the last game they played there and were going to do it right this time .

Yes, you want them to buy in first.

Forgive me if I’m wrong but surely this is LeBlanc’s doing and not the CFL’s? Did LeBlanc buy the game from them?

I expect a bit of a premium for the event, but some of that pricing is pretty bad

I totally agree that the pricing makes little sense.

I fear this could give this whole Maritime expansion bid a black eye.

It seems little thought was put into this at all.

I have attended all 3 prior Moncton games and I will attend this one as well in support of the cause. However I just don’t think this will go over very well. I hope I’m wrong.

Same experience for me also. Paid full price, and not a penny was refunded. Heck I would have been happy if they gave me some of the pizza.

Agreed. This is a chance to build some goodwill and generate some interest in the potential of pro football coming to the area, but instead could face the potential of not selling out a high school stadium for a one off event.

A risky proposition indeed

You ever see those food court restaurants where the vendors are offering a taste for free?

Get people into the games, let people acquire an appetite for the product, then you charge them.

Like that brutal AMC movie channel, with the commercials every six minutes? It started out as free, uninterrupted television.

What a brutal cash grab, for a one off.

Is Latin spoken in the Maritimes?

Caveat emptor.

I was planning on going to be part of the experience but after seeing these prices the stadium will not be full. Here is the pricing from 2013 which didnt sell out

After promising he would hold a name the team contest with fans who put down deposits, naming the team himself a few weeks later.

After missing multiple deadlines and keeping everyone in the dark

He’s run out of eyes to put shiners on, unless he’s a Fly.

I was planning to go but will catch the August 2nd and August 9th. games in Montreal for a fraction of the price. Assuming they are at least mildly competitive.