Touchdown Atlantic returns to Nova Scotia

HALIFAX — The east coast’s biggest celebration of football – Touchdown Atlantic – will return to the region on Saturday, July 16 as the Saskatchewan Roughriders take on the Toronto Argonauts.

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Very glad to see an event like this after holing up for 2 whole years. Now we need to land a permanent team for our east coast somewhere. Hey Pinball the beard looks good on you!


Would be nice to see them resurrect CFL Week in conjunction with the combine and various other attractions as they have done in the past. Halifax or another Atlantic province location would be an excellent host city.

St Johns Nfld would be another. Excellent excuses for a reason to travel.

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Got to have Anne Murray to sing O Canada!


I'm glad to see they're organizing grassroots clinics with Football Nova Scotia, as well as regional tours and Discover Halifax. I'd like to see these types of events connected with CFL Week and the combine in the future.


I hope that Bubbles and Julian and Ricky are involved somehow.

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Can't wait for the day when the league expands to the East coast and the CFL officially will be represented by teams coast to coast. In my opinion, nothing more Canadian than the CFL and can't wait for the new season. Go Blue Bombers.

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I still say her buying the Leafs would have been the best thing ever for the franchise.

This is great news,

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Here's an interesting find from the cancelled 2020 TDA:

They peg the costs of hosting the event at $1.5 million . . . and, conveniently, they peg the revenues at the same.

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Interesting stats - they say that there are 550k CFL fans in the Atlantic region and 52% are Argo fans and 24% would likely attend a local event.
If the stats are true then there are more Argo fans in the Atlantic region than in the Ontario region. If they get funding for a stadium then move the Argos there.

Super Excited! Bring Em Out! :football: :green_heart: :green_heart: :football:


You win the most detailed autobiography award for a new poster. Welcome to the forum.


Thank you :blush:

I too am very happy to see football being played again on the east coast. Can anyone tell me what happened to the plan that looked like a team was to be established in Halifax, prior to the pandemic? Is this idea now dead, or is it still cooking?

It's apparently still cooking to some degree, but there's been no public announcement about just what stage things are at. Maybe we'll get some more concrete info in July?

The prospective owners had secured $20 million from Halifax for the stadium and were scheduled to meet with provincial officials to ask for more when Covid arrived and put everything CFL related on the backburner.

You’d think something beneficial to all concerned – local commerce, local fans, U Sports, the league – would already exist.
Wish they’d get off their duffs and get it done already. It’s long overdue.

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Was out on the east Coast a looooonnngg time ago.
Stunningly beautiful, will never forget!


We went to the Esk Argo game in Moncton, had a great time! Good food and great people!

You made that lighthouse look extra manly. :grin: