Touchdown Atlantic returns in 2023

TORONTO β€” Touchdown Atlantic is back!

The defending Grey Cup champion Toronto Argonauts will take on the Saskatchewan Roughriders in Halifax on Saturday, July 29, 2023.

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Man, can't wait until July to attend this game, maybe we are getting closer to
having a franchise finally in the East Coast. Being a former Coaster now living
in Toronto.


Welcome. It looks like they are making a run to test the waters and generate public appeal in Halifax for perhaps the last time?

Otherwise from what we have read for years now here and beyond from especially many a local posting on the matter, it's not looking good for expansion. But the idea in itself sells tickets.


I got the same feeling when there was no talk of a) building a stadium or b) quotes from an ownership group. Also if they were thinking of putting the team in Moncton first, you would think they would have a game in there instead of Halifax. The quote from the Mayor didn't put my mind at ease as he seems only interested in the economic benefit of having the game.

All hope is not lost but it's "running on empty" with no gas station in sight.

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The following is hardly an original thought and is a running hypothesis, and I agree more with it than ever.

Going forward, the Argos may simply have at least two home games played elsewhere yet retain the Toronto media market as their base not for attendance to games but enough from perhaps elsewhere in Canada to have interest locally in viewing, gambling, and/or spending in bars and restaurants.

Maybe merely those numbers probably work better than everything associated with relocation to another market that will be far smaller, and with MLSE right there too, there is ample flexibility for various financial moves and cost-shifting between business and sports properties.

You would think MLSE would have figured out cross-promotion too, but nope they mess that one up but the opportunity remains.

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hopefully they ask the people that put a down payment 3 years ago for season tickets if they want tickets first .


except he literally did name them all if there are 4 areas interested.

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He overlooked Touchdown Banff.

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Hopefully the Riders (in particular Duke Williams) behaves himself and acts like it is a priviledge to be playing in the Touchdown Alantic Game. Last year was such a disgrace to see 2 grown men acting like spoiled children.
I am actually dissappointed they chose the same 2 teams after the fisaco last year.


If it make you feel better, due to the schedule rotating east playing west teams only once that will eventually happen.

I would like to see special 3rd jerseys done for these games.
Helmets included.

Make it unique.


I was saying the other day that the CFL should also make extra jerseys for any matchup that is the 3rd or 4th in the regular season. We can't have expansion but at least make it look like there are different teams on TV.

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I am excited by the hope of seeing an east coast team in Halifax - faster the better. I'm not sure why the same two teams have been picked to play there again - why not give the easterners a wider taste of the CFL?

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Saskatchewan doesn't draw well in Toronto. Roughrider and Argo fans will travel for special occasion games though.

Why do you think or know this to be the case?

Every team doesn't draw well in Toronto but I took a look at the actual numbers and they don't seem to be as bad as I thought they were going to be. However, the attendance is average between 2017-2019, poor in 2016 and excellent in 2015. I find it a little puzzling how the Roughriders went from Penthouse to the outhouse in Toronto from 2015 to 2016 and I don't have an explanation for it.

In 2022, Toronto worst attended games (2 out of 3) were against the west. Some of this is due to time zone differences. Most people in Toronto wouldn't be familiar with the Lions because their games start at 10 ET for example. The exception was Ottawa but they struggled to attract fans from most other cities as well.

September 28, 2019 Saskatchewan drew 12,406 in Toronto.
June 22, 2019 Hamilton drew 16,734
August 16, 2019 Edmonton drew 16,490
October 26, 2019 Ottawa drew 12, 995

Saskatchewan 2018 14,479 4th best
Saskatchewan 2017 15,102 4th best
Saskatchewan 2016 15,023 7th best/3rd worst
Saskatchewan 2015 20,642 best.


I agree with you - the Easy Coast is ready for a CFL team - the World Junior Hockey Tournament was one of the best ever - AND the support couldn't have been better. I hope that the CFL will use this time to their advantage.

Hockey crowds doesn't equal CFL crowds. How many of those people came from out of town? People from Europe for example most likely won't cross the Atlantic to see a CFL team play 9 times. How many people were from the rest of Canada? Not saying that the Atlantic can't have a team one day but saying that they are ready for a CFL team when they don't have a facility is overly optimistic.

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You make a few good points - but only a few. My point was that the hockey tournament was held on the East Coast and it was very well organized and supported by thousands of locals and by millions across this great country, The East Coast support for upper level sports has been proven once again. I am trying to encourage Canadians to support Canadian football in a Canadian province. Stop with all the negatives and jump on board to build a better league and nation!