Touchdown Atlantic preparations underway at Monction Stadium

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Crews getting Moncton Stadium ready for Touchdown Atlantic #Esks #cfl #fb 28 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter

Who cares it the Argo' vs Eskee's, they both suck!

I want ten teams in the league (keeping Hamilton of course) -- not nine. :wink:


Oski Wee Wee,

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I, and many others, care. A game in Moncton is the start of trying to get a team out east. That's good for the league. And what's good for the league is good for the Tiger-Cats (since the Cats seems to be your only concern).

I can't wait for a CFL team in the Maritimes. Road trip!

It would really add to the flavour of the CFL and Grey Cup to get a team east of Montreal, hope it happens.

On a related note, the CFL shop is selling Touchdown Atlantic merch.

The good news is that most of it doesn't even have the Argos logo on it. The bad news is that shipping is a tad on the high side ($10.50). Maybe the Tiger Town store is selling them....

You gotta be kidding me? Every CFL fan regardless of their colors should care and probably does. If this is the first step towards a 10th team, and the 1st east of Montreal, I'm all for it.

An Argo-Cat fan

My dream is still 12 teams eventually: add Ottawa, Quebec City, Halifax (preferably) or some other Atlantic city, and some place out west (maybe the Okanagan, which could draw from a large region a la the Roughriders).

No Kidding. :thup:

BTW…I’m kinda pissed that “something came up” and we won’t be in Moncton for the party. We will be at the game on Saturday in Hamilton. :wink:

We really enjoyed our time in Halifax, the people were GREAT when the Ticats played the Argos several years back.

Oakham, wouldn't that be great? Road trip once a year to Halifax and a weekend long pub crawl. Good football, great food, and wonderful beer, Keiths of course!

That would be awesome - I'm getting a hangover just thinking about it. Halifax is a great party town (fresh Keith's, pizza corner, Salty's, Donairs, live celtic music everywhere, great people). I"ve never been to Moncton but no doubt it's the same atmosphere.

That's a cool logo they have for the game. The wave sorta has a Hawaii 50 look. Maybe they could call the team the Atlantic Wave. I never took to the Schooners label although I have a tee shirt (plus it's a lousy beer).

Speaking of Hawaii 50...ten o'clock tonight. Book 'em Danno. New Kono is a definite upgrade.

Maybe the stadium PA could play this:

Ockham, for sure great town. Lunch at Salty's or Murphy's, tour the Keith's brewery (twice), hit one of the pubs in the historic properties for supper and some music. Stay the night or head out to a host of other establishments. Oh yeah, go to the game on Sunday! I have been hoping for years that they would get a franchise.

Schooners was the chosen name but I think that belonged to J.I. Albright, since gone. "Wave(s)" actually wouldn't be a bad name. I like Privateers myself.

I just don't see it. We can't get bums in seats in southern Ontario with 6 Million plus people. How are they going to fill a 20,000 seat stadium in Moncton or Halifax???????????? Has any owner expressed interest in bringing a franchise to any of these cities?
Let's get Toronto and Hamilton in order first, sort out the attendance problems in the two biggest markets in Canada.

I hate to be pessimistic but I want to see a solid CFL and don't think we should expand into unknown, unproven areas.

Precisely. We can’t get bums in Southern Ontario seats. They don’t have that problem anywhere else in the league. A Maritime team could very easily have the same attraction is the Riders. The world doesn’t revolve around Skydome you know.

When I said 10th team, I'm assuming that by then Ottawa will have returned to the CFL. Anyway, any team in the maritimes would be a regional team and thus draw from far and wide. I'm sure they could fill a stadium 9 times a year.

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