Touchdown Atlantic: predict the score?:)

Schultzy from TSN picks: Calgary 23-20

As usual TSN anti Ticats!

:thup: I say Ticats : 30-23 :rockin: Glenn GET ER DONE

This has got to be one of the strangest season I've seen in the CFL and judging from the way the team played in the last game, who the hell knows, but I'll be pulling for the Cats to crap out a win somehow. :oops: Go Cats.

real turf. good crowd. but TiCat secondary still unsettled.

Calgary 28

Hamilton 21

Disagree. I respect CHRIS Schultz and his opinions. This isn't a "TSN" thing.

For sure! And the Argos beat the Blue Bombers after the resurgent Roughriders get absolutely hammered at home?

What the heck is going on?

As Schultz has written about, every team in the league is getting their turn at getting blown out but the most unlikely opponents.

I’m hoping the maritimers will cheer for the blue collar, lunch bucket team

Tiger-Cats 33
Stampeders 29

Will the league’s 6th best team beat the 2nd best team? I don’t think so.
But, the 8th team just “crapped out a win somehow” over #1, so I’m with catfish.

2011 STATISTICAL RANKINGS - H (Hamilton) C (Calgary)

Total Offence Per Game
H - 335.5 (7th)
C - 375.5 (2nd)
Rushing Offence Per Game
H - 86.2 (8th)
C - 100.9 (4th)
Passing Offence Per Game
262.8 (6th)
294.7 (2nd)
Total Defence Per Game
H - 390.4 (7th)
C - 336.0 (3rd)
Rushing Defence Per Game
H - 104.6 (6th)
C - 89.0 (2nd)
Passing Defence Per Game
H - 302.2 (8th)
C - 259.9 (3rd)
Points Per Game
H - 26.9 (2nd)
C - 26.2 (4th)
Opponents Points Per Game
H - 28.0 (7th)
C - 26.4 (5th)

Love stats, thanks ottawacat!


Hamilton -5
Calgary -6

8) Wouldn't want to even venture a prediction on this game.
  Which Cat team will show up today ??   This game will prove whether the Cats are for real, or just pretenders !!

  If it is another blow out, I would expect big changes somewhere within this organization !!

This is a tough one. Seems any team can beat any team this year.

I think Calgary is a little better team right now. ( not necessarily a factor after watching the Bombers last night )

Neither team has played on Moncton's turf. ( no advantage there )

Calgary arrived a day early. So did their cheerleaders. The Calgary cheer leaders seemed to be much more visible. ( both in making appearances and their shorts) This might sway the undecided to cheer for the Stamps

The Stamps were hanging out at the Old Triangle, while the Cats we hidden away at the Empress ... (advantage Stamps)

TiCats Cheer Team danced better... and looked more like a dance team then a cheer team.... women talk....? (doesn't effect the game but less chance the wife will get upset if I'm caught looking at the them) :thup:

Glenn seems like a realy nice guy.... but he's shorter than my daughter....

Maritime Cats fans rarely get to see the Cats live.... I bought 10 tickets. That should almost guarantee that the Cats will throw up a stinker.... :?

Medlock kicked in Moncton last year and learned about Secret of the Tidal Bore wind.

Ok... calculating......... Heart says Cats 22 Stamps 20 on a last minute Medlock FG

go Cats go


Now that's an insider's scoop! :thup:

The Cats need more than just this game against the Stamps to prove they are contenders.
They need to string a good 2-3 game winning streak together to shake off this up and down roller coaster season.

if they can produce a 5-2 record in the final stretch then we may just have something here...(I'll take 4-3 although another .500 record is getting tiresome) :expressionless:

More stats:

Last 3 games:

Hamilton 1-2 , points for 80, against 102, difference -22
Calgary 1 -2 , points for 56, against 87, difference, -31

That's the category that most often is most important.
What's interesting about the others, which I copied into this thread, is that if you total each team's rankings and divide by the number of categories (8) it shows that by those stats only, the Cats should be a bit better than 6th place in the standings, and the Stamps a touch better than 3rd in the standings. This morning, the Cats stand 6th and the Stamps 2nd.

Now that's eerily like another great observation --" 24 bottles in a case of beer, 24 hours in a day -- Coincidence? I think not."

Calgary 42
Ticats 13

No offence
no defence
no coaches
No win

Heart tells me Ticats by 7, brain tells me Ticats lose by 21. :?

Get off this site!!

Hey give this guy credit.. the Cats score his COMBINED score by themselves.....lmfao

91 points scored total. Damn!

Well, "crap out a win" isn't how I expect that to be described. But I'm sure you won't mind that. :slight_smile:

If you think that the Ticats are inconsistent and wonder which team will show up, how do you think Edmonton or Calgary or Montreal fans feel? all these teams have been inconsistent. They all look dominant one week and pathetic the next.
The only consistent team during the past month has been BC.
It's no wonder that TSN has a hard job trying to predict the weekly winners.