Touchdown Atlantic - No sellout?

I'm surprised last night's game in Moncton was not a sellout.
Nearly 1,000 seats were unsold for this special event game, even though it is played only once a year, the weather was phenomenal and it is a market test for the region.

Yes, ticket prices were up from last year, although it is only ONE game a year.

And 6,000 fans/enthusiasts came from out of the province to boot, thus you would think that the region would easily snap up the rest of the tickets.

Will this impact future games in the Atlantic? Should the powers that be try to hold the next game in the more densely populated Halifax?

all of this has been discussed in the thread ’ touchdown atlantic ticket prices’ which is on the first page of topics.

Down here.

I don't think it's a mystery what happened though. Take an economically weak area and add in the most expensive tickets in the CFL. The results are entirely predictable.

If the region is inherently economically weak, can the indigenous residents afford to shell out even regular prices for 10 games a year?

As I’ve mentionned here before, Atlantic Canada has a ways to go to be able to support a CFL franchise but you also have to take into account that saying Hamilton is the home team does not really make it so. Half the tickets were end zone seats that go for 10 to 22 dollars in CFL towns… Also you have to know that some of the Halifax residents who are fans do not want to “assist” Moncton in getting a franchise…

Has nothing to do with depressed… Metallica was packed, Rolling Stones were packed, Eagles were packed… you have to develop the brand which the CFL is doing a fine job of. This is a multi-year project. 10 years from now it could yield a successful home for a franchise.

HFXTC wrote: Has nothing to do with depressed.... Metallica was packed, Rolling Stones were packed, Eagles were packed... you have to develop the brand which the CFL is doing a fine job of. This is a multi-year project. 10 years from now it could yield a successful home for a franchise
Well, the CFL/IPFU has been around for 100+ years and is generally well known to Canadian residents. The CFL have played 4 games out East the past few years. (two preseason in Halifax and now two season games in Moncton)

How many times have the Rolling Stones, Eagles, and Mettalica played at Moncton Stade Stadium?
Very few times, if more than once.
And I'm certain ticket prices for these concerts cost a good penny. (especially the Eagles and Stones as they are known for outrageous rates)

Last year, Moncton sold 20,725 tickets...a complete sellout.
This year, they sold only 20,153 (despite additional seating placed for anticipated demand)

IMO, this annual event should have been sold out.

Exactly. Who, anywhere in the CFL can sell out $50 endzone seats? Way overpriced. That'll get you pretty solid seats for the Argos.

Also ACOA (federal iniative) sponsors the event to the tune of 800 000.00 + 1 200 000.00 tickets + 200 000 in sponsorship (Scotia Bank and others) and its a 2+ million dollar payday. So the CFL isn't losing any money here and it should not, but basicaly the CFL gets to promote itself in Atlantic Canada and grow its brand and might even make a few bucks out of it.

Calgary and hamilton are not sellout cities as it is. No one outside of Calgary likes the stamps pretty much.

A montreal sask game would sellout in a heart beat.

I was at the game, and in talking to people around Moncton, it seems as if there is one reason why the game wasn't a sell out:

The Habs-Bruins game in Halifax the same night.

I had at least five people tell me that is the only reason that the house wasn't packed. Take that for what you will.

that does make sense to me. i didnt even know about that game.

I don't think anyone can judge two touchdown altantic games if Moncton could or could not handle a franchise, give it a couple more years, I still think the game was a success.

A stamps loss is never a success.

But it was a success for the TigerCats and thanks to the people at the game cheering on my team. :wink: