Touchdown Atlantic generated over $10M in overall economic impact: report

TORONTO — An independent study by Sport Tourism Canada has measured the overall economic impact of the 2023 edition of Touchdown Atlantic and its associated events at $10 million, which includes over $7.3 million in overall economic activity in the province of Nova Scotia and more than $6.8 million in the City of Halifax.

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So when do the Schooners kick off ?

I really hope that the C.F.L. can get a 10th team. There has to be a potential owner out East. Seams like University was pretty happy with the partnership and the Teams seemed happy with the facility’s , So…???

Still some work to be done. 12k capacity isn’t enough. I’ve heard there’s a way to get it up to 20k so that’s the next step.

Some time after 2043 is the latest projection.


I think that’s when Haileys comet returns.

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Sport Tourism Canada is an organization founded through a partnership with the Canadian Tourism Commission with the goal to increase Canada’s capacity to attract and host sport tourism events” … if their studies found that there was no economic benefit to hosting spotying events their raison d’etre would be gone and they would be out of business.

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agreed their methodology borders on being useless…The victorian state government used a similair model to predict the 2026 Commonwealrht game that were eventually cancelled… That move cost the Victorian state taxpayer in excess of $600 million dollars for nothing… the Halifac team will never get on the field

If one game can generate that much money to boast the local economy, then where is the new East Coast team? Come on you easterners let’s get this done!

Does anyone know what teams play next year in Touchdown Atlantic? Hope it is not the Argos and Riders again - pretty boring game this year.

Word is that a TD Atlantic game isn’t in the cards for next year and that a West coast game involving BC at a neutral venue may take its place. We’ll see.

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To Jon - thanks for your response, but I hope you are wrong! Do you work for this CFL site - just wondering how you know this?

To me, it would be a huge mistake for the CFL to move the focus away from the eastern Canada. It is here that holds the best chance to create a new and very badly needed new team. After such a successful experience this year - why change it? When will the CFL make its’ final decision on this and how can fans have input into the process?

The fact is this is an annual event not featuring a home team so you have a lot of non-local fans, media staff, and special events tied to the game that would not happen normally. It’s not like the Bombers or Riders let alone the Schooners could even look to re-create those numbers in one weekend.

It does show that this is successful as a marquee event but doesn’t show any sustainability in regards to a full season.

First you need a willing owner, a city willing to either expand a stadium or build a new one and then a successful season ticket drive. That has not happened yet in all the years of rumours.

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Sorry but I can’t put my finger on it but read that somewhere on this site, I think in relation to next year’s schedule and the fact Toronto won’t be playing in the Maritimes next year. I’m less sure about such a game being played out West this year but that was the speculation. It is also very possible that there will be no neutral site game next year. I have no inside info nor do I work for the CFL. I’m just going on what I read.

which is exactly what someone on the inside would say :wink:

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Just a simple Google check… found two articles, take it for what it’s worth.

CFL eyes Starlight Stadium for new ‘Touchdown Pacific’ game in 2024

Posted: Jan. 6, 2023 6:26PM

The Canadian Football League (CFL) is looking to make touchdowns in Langford as discussions about adding a “Touchdown Pacific” series start.

The league has hosted a “Touchdown Atlantic” series on the east coast since 2005, with the goal of bringing a regular season game to communities that don’t have a home team.

The event has grown in popularity over the series’ eight-year run, according to CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie.

He told CHEK News that the 2022 event in Wolfville, N.S., had a $12.7-million economic impact on the community, bringing football fans from across Canada.

CFL’s Touchdown Atlantic games possibly on the move

“This kind of spurred the question, is there an opportunity to do on the west coast what we have now done so successfully on the east coast,” Ambrosie explained.

BC Lions owner Amar Doman was born and raised in Victoria. Ambrosie said Doman was the one to suggest Langford’s Starlight Stadium as a possible west coast host.

“You think about Vancouver Island, what a better place to go for a football game and festival,” Ambrosie exclaimed. “Follow it up by going up and down that beautiful island of yours and giving Canadians a chance to see firsthand just how fantastic it is.”

The BC Lions said it supports this idea, adding fans travel in busloads from Victoria to Vancouver for games.

“We’re really always trying to reach out to the entire province,” said Duane Vienneau, president of BC Lions. “We have fans in Victoria and we think it would be something very special to do and bring to our fan base.”

Starlight Stadium would need to be expanded to host the game. The stadium currently has 6,000 seats, but the CFL requires a minimum capacity of 10,000 seats.

“In order to make it viable we need at least 10,000,” Ambrosie said. “The other requirement is we would definitely want to have a festival.”

Last year Langford approved an $8.5 million project for a permanent grandstand to the stadium.

“We’ve moved the pole so that’s allowing us to do the planned upgrades to the stadium,” said Scott Goodmanson, Langford’s mayor. “There hasn’t been any set number of seats designed yet so I can’t give you what a number will be.”

Renovations plans will be brought to council in the near future. He added that hosting bigger events, like a CFL game, is a great economic driver for the city and Greater Victoria region.

“I’ll be jumping the highest in City Hall if this came through,” Goodmanson added.

No date has been set for the potential “Touchdown Pacific” game. The CFL said discussions are still in very early stages, adding it still needs to reach out to local leaders to make plans.

“I would say 2024 is the year that is most in our mind right now,” Ambrosie said. “Again, nothing is set in stone.”

CFL’s Touchdown Atlantic games possibly on the move


CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie said that the success of past Touchdown Atlantic games held in Halifax, N.S., Moncton, N.B. and Wolfville, N.S., has “generated interest in three other communities across the country,” according to Dan Barnes of the TORONTO SUN. Atlantic Canada is still “very much interested in hosting again,” but league planning for 2024 and beyond will “now include the possible expansion of the Touchdown series beyond the region.” The league on Tuesday announced the 2023 Touchdown Atlantic game will “feature the Toronto Argonauts as home team and the Saskatchewan Roughriders as the visitors” and will be “held July 29 in Huskies Stadium on the campus of Saint Mary’s University in Halifax.” The same two teams “hooked up last summer in Wolfville” in a game that “sold out in a single day.” Ambrosie said that the league “could have sold another 3,000 tickets had they built more capacity than the 10,886 seats available.” The Touchdown game is a “league-run property rather than a typical regular-season game produced by the home team,” and the ancillary festival is “a key component.” The hope is that the region “eventually becomes home to the 10th CFL franchise.” If the league is to “grow even beyond that number,” ownership groups in other regions of the country have to “show interest and an ability to join the club” (TORONTO SUN, 12/20).


Thanks Cup. I think this may have been what I recall reading.

@Fox1 Above is the info I was going on. Nothing certain of course.

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I never knew the Proper Noun for a People who lives in Halifax is “Haligonians”…kinda cool, but happy it didn’t happen like that for Winnipeg… I’m a “Winnigonian”

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