Touchdown Atlantic Game Thread (Sept. 26, 12 PM et. TSN)

Long Esk drive ends with it being fumbled near the 1 yard line.

And somewhere, Cobb is relieved to know he's not the only one who does that. :slight_smile:

But wait, a challenge. Was he down before it came out?

Ball was out -- this will stand!




Definitely some blue team fans there, as they applaud that call.

Surprised that Barker did not throw flag earlier on pass that appeared to touch turf, er, I mean, grass. :slight_smile:

Gorgeous day for a football game on the Atlantic.

Am I right to assume the 12:00 EST kick off is to lure the NFL lemmings hunkering down on their sofas for the day?

Good morning, Backer. You now know what it was like to be a Ticat fan last night. :slight_smile:

Handing it to Cobb may now seem like playing Russian Roulette. :slight_smile:

It does look like a good day for a game there.

But I will say that going head-to-head with the NFL by scheduling this game on a Sunday afternoon did not hurt ticket sales.

Surprised Boreham punted from end zone and did not concede safety.

Yea, I know. The thing that hurts the most is seeing your team drive inside the five with your running back and then fumble........... It takes the wind out of my sails. But then I give credit to the other teams defense on their job and that is ..........punch the ball free. :expressionless:

Titanic 0-0 battle at the one-quarter mark :stuck_out_tongue:

I am thinking more about the tv audience.

The Grey Cup atmosphere of this game may help the Eskies more than the blue team. It's a way to forget about all their troubles and focus on the game. As we are now 6&6 we need help from them today and then sweep their green and gold butts in the upcoming two weeks.

'Morning folks, looks like i didn't miss much so far....

It's nice to see football on grass again. Although I did watch the Guelph/Western snoozefest yesterday. Should have tuned into the Concordia/Bishops game on CBC French though.

The way that first EDM drive ended was like they hit an iceberg.

Esks have the wind now, which is good to have when you punt (again).

Well, there are ALMOST a TD. :slight_smile:

I understand there wasn't a lot of offence in either of those games either. I missed the Guelph-Western game, only saw first and last parts of that game between those two top 10 teams.

Turn over on downs.....sigh

Can the Eskimos ever look organized when they have a short-yardage substitution?

Fitting that they implode on the gamble. Unreal.

On 3rd and 1 Esks drop back to hand off, don't gain the yard.

Neither team can get into FG range, with exception to that first EDM drive, though that could change.

Hope these fans in Moncton don't mind low-scoring games.

its a familiar story this year...

Well it seems I haven't missed a heck of a lot eh?

We get a gift.........Go Eskies


TOUCHDOWN Atlantic finally lives up to its name!

It took the D to do it, but I will take it!

7-0 for the right team!