Touchdown Atlantic game sells out in one hour

TORONTO — The 2022 edition of Touchdown Atlantic has sold out. The CFL’s east coast classic between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Toronto Argonauts is set to be played at Acadia University in Wolfville, N.S., on July 16 at 3 p.m. AT / 2 p.m. ET. In anticipation of the game, downtown Halifax will be transformed into football central for three days of fun and festivities from July 14-16.

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ONE Hour!!!!!

Outstanding news!!! :canada: :football:


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According to the article the league is exoring ways to add seating so they should well exceed 10K.

Hopefully between now and then we can hear something if the stadium plan is back on track

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Sounds like Wolfville deserves their own expansion team.

But what could they the team?


It will probably be the biggest home crowd that the Argos will have all year .


Sask tour operators no doubt buying what they can


I predict it will only be the third highest.

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Well you're probably right on that . The Cats are in BMO twice this season and Hamilton fans alone will all but assure that the stadium will be at least half full . It's nice that the league is taking a home game away from the Anchors with this Atlantic game and giving Hamilton two extra home games at BMO as well . :stuck_out_tongue:


Should the XFL pivot from Chicago and expand to Halifax? LOL :laughing::grin:

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How many tickets are they talking about? What were the prices?

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How much are Touchdown Atlantic tickets?

CFL tickets at Raymond Field for the upcoming game are starting as low as $63.00 for upper-level seats. Seats located in the lower levels and near the 50-yard line will be priced higher. Touchdown Atlantic tickets are going for prices as high as $341.00 for the best available seats including club level and VIP options. A single ticket to this football game currently has an average price of around $181.00.

I think there were going to be 10,000 tickets available. The above numbers might be current resale values. I think the average original price was supposed to be $50.

Thank you for the links.

Cool $1.8 million gate if that average ticket price is real. I am skeptical.

Lobster is up though.

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The Rock ain't going to Chi-town, but they are going to Seattle

Yeah, I think the league sold tickets at an average of $50, so probably around a $500,000 gate. I think that $181 average is what people who bought tickets are asking for now that the game is officially sold out.

Good chance 30% were given away also. Hope they put up more seats, with the hopes to make better profit, moreover great optics. Nevertheless still looks good for Halifax.

BTW, the cost of prairie oysters are up as well.

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You eat that stuff? Ewww!

Wow, Rider fans moved fast.

If you are so blown away commissioner... when does the maritimes get a team... remember this dream has been going for over 30 years in one form or another... the end result nothing...the idea of a team in Halifax is dead.. The province and city will not put in adequate funds for the development of a stadium... your potential team owners will not fund the venture... the result nothing... Take a look at the AFL proposal for a team in Tasmania.. The state $750 million for a dome 32,000 seat venue...Tasmania has the population of the maritimes... remember the 2006 Halifax proposal for the Commonwealth games...Halifax pulled out the race in Melbourne and Scotland won the bid... I was in the Scotish hotel in Melbourne when the Scots knew they won the race... If you want a 10th team go to the US

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Argo and Rider ST holders had a week or two to buy tickets before they were available to the public. I think other teams' ST holders had early access as well.

I looked last week for tickets but they wasn't for sale yet, paying the down payment for season tickets when they come out I would of thought I would of got a email letting me know that these tickets went on sale .