Touchdown Atlantic:excited and eager

Man oh man i am fired up not since the Mighty Ducks were in the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals i saw the ticats and argos pratice stayed till 3:05pm i never could imagine getting up close meeting the CFL fans all around hey Hfxbomberfan i saw you there two. i was the guy in the Mighty Ducks black Baseball cap i don't know who to cheer for i am impress with the players and the jeresy they have on they are Excellent.

Cheer for the players you like most on each side. You can’t lose this way !

ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!! we will be watching it on T.V.

I can't wait to watch this on the tube.

Preseason games are always pretty sloppy, but I have the feeling this will be a show!

It is supposed to be sold out and they will be playing allot of 1st stringers allot of the time!

curious was it a sell out?, what is the attendance suppose to be for tonight? I am also curious how many people at the game are from Halifax and how many CFL fans from the west and Ontario.

lah di freakin dah, get that cheap ass premier of yours and all the other driftwood city politicians to take some of the EI benefits you third world provinces bleed from the rest of us and build a freakin stadium already.


.....Ti-cats should have left McManus at home....he ruined the show. :frowning:

He had a crappy first pre-season game last year, too, and threw for over 1,000 yards in the first two games of the regular season.

He had a REALLY crappy game last night, so maybe he'll break Dunigan's single-game yardage record (713 yards) when the Cats play in Montreal. :wink:

Well F U, buddy.

And yeah, we’re trying.

geez pigseye what is your Freakin problem with me and all the atlantic canadians.

I think that it was a great day for the CFL and HALIFAX should be PROUD of themselves. :smiley:

11,000 sold out crowd, everyone stayed to the end.

Awesome game and awesome weekend. Can you imagine how a Grey Cup would be here in Halifax ?

Oh, and "Pigseye", before you go making such stupid, unintelligent comments, maybe you should come down here and find out what the Maritimes are all about. And, the cod was mostly fished in Newfoundland, Dough Head !!!

hey bomberfan it's good to see you on this board i am no torn between who's had the best jeresy in the league i though Ottawa had but looking at the ti-cats WOW.