Great news, as the T.V. ratings are in.........for the ARGO / HAMILTON game beat the regular season average of over 300,000 viewers , the game peaked at 454,000.

And this was just pre season. :smiley:

Can you believe a preseason game got this score?

Message to TSN, Sportsnet and CBC: Next year, get all of the griggin' games on TV including the preseason ones. There is a market waiting for these games.

That's good news !

Get as many games as possible on TV. I'll watch any two CFL teams play each other...even shudder if it is the Riders vs. Alouettes.

According the the Bombers site, only 8 games are on TV this year. Lucky for me, all 8 are away games, and I will be at one of them. (Labour Day, Section 9, Row 2) So, if i go to all the home games, I won't miss a single game. But I live 2 hours away from Winnipeg. So a few more home games on TV would be nice.


LOL @ only 8 Bomber games being televised this year. The Riders have 17 out of 18 games being televised this year, the only game that isn't being televised is gasp against Winnipeg. I guess the network knows that the game will be a blowout and Saskatchewan will win.

It's really great to see the CFL booming like this, the more people that watch our game the better it will get.

Bomber-Magoo, if you are that far out of town, isn't the black out lifted for you?

I'm 4 hours away from Vancouver and we get to see home and away games.

There isn't a black out, the games just aren't on TV.

I drive in to the city for most of the home games (I think i only missed 2 last year) and we drive out to Regina for Labour Day. But sometimes I can't go to Winnipeg, due to work, etc., and it would be nice to have the game on TV.


BomberMagoo, according to the CFL's schedule, there are only 6 games in the entire season (all teams together) not onTV, and one exclusively on RDS (which, I believe, isn't available outside of QC and ON... am I right?)

  • Toronto @ BC (July 15)
  • Ottawa @ Saskatchewan (July 29)
  • Ottawa @ Hamilton (August 6)
  • Ottawa @ Winnipeg (August 19)
  • Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg (September 10)
  • Winnipeg @ Montreal (September 25) - Game exclusively on RDS
  • Toronto @ Ottawa (November 5)

Man... didn't Ottawa get a nice slap in the face?...

Rogers carried about 5 games I think last year. I contacted them by email a few months ago about them not carrying any games this year and they replied that the numbers from last years games were not good enough for them to carry games this year but I think that this wasn't the real answer. I think there is way more to this that we don't know about like the relationship between the CFL and Rogers and maybe Rogers not getting the games they want etc. If anyone knows more about this, please reply.

Rogers wants everything their own way, I think they are very aggresive. I recently heard that Rogers is going after the NHL with Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights and will be offering 10 times what the CBC can afford to offer when the CBC-NHL deal expires in 2008. CBC, from what I have heard, won't stand a chance to compete with them. And I wouldn't be surprised if Rogers makes a pitch for the Buffalo Bills when Ralph Wilson passes away as I've heard that his sons don't want to keep the team. Rogers wants the Bills big-time but I doubt that the Wilsons would sell to a Canadian company as they would be afraid that Rogers would take the team to Toronto.

Yeah 3rd and 10, we did get a nice slap in the face. Oh well, at least our home games are never blacked out (for those who can’t afford, or are unable to go to the game) unlike a certain green team out west who never gets to see their team at home on TV at all. Imagine that in this day and age? :roll: Now that would Reallllllllly suck and be the ultimate slap in the face! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, I’ll just have to sit in my closed in gazebo with the radio on and suck back a few pops with the wife. :wink: We have great Ottawa Rough :cry: , er, I mean Renegades radio broadcasts here.
And BTW 3rd & 10, aren’t we lucky that we get RDS in here in Ottawa and in Montreal? 8) Can’t beat that! :lol:

Go Rens Go!!!

Thanks Third and Ten,
I checked out the schedule, and TSN picked up alot more games....
The Bombers site shows that very few games are on.


How many Ottawa home games are blacked out this year ? I'll be buying the $99.00 season tickets this year to support the team. Frank Clair Stadium is a great place to watch football, especially during July evenings. I would love to tour the other CFL stadiums and follow the Ottawa Rough Rider Renegades across the country. Eh, maybe when I' m retired. Has anyone else done this ? Any chance that Ottawa will have those other games televised ?

Atlantic?? No way! could they draw 35,000 for a big game, after 2 years at 2/16 . Nice too think of canada. however this is a pro league. In kelowna( one of the richest cities in country) WE draw 7ooo fans for jr hockey games.
Thier is no doubt, we would avg 25,000 game & maybe out draw the Lions.
People from all over canada live here.Where's our franchies TOM??? :roll:

[quote="brianjo"]Atlantic?? No way! could they draw 35,000 for a big game, after 2 years at 2/16 . Nice too think of canada. however this is a pro league. In kelowna( one of the richest cities in country) WE draw 7ooo fans for jr hockey games.
Thier is no doubt, we would avg 25,000 game & maybe out draw the Lions.
eople from all over canada live here.Where's our franchies TOM??? :roll:[/quote For the last few years, Halifax has drawn huge crowds for the QMJHL Mooseheads. For most of that time, they have been second in attendance only to the Ottawa '67s. Cosidering there are more than 50 Major Junior Hockey teams, this is pretty impressive and suggests that Halifax should be able to draw the 25000 fans 10 times a year needed for a successful CFL team.

So do we (Halifax). More, in fact.

Edit: It’s nice that you guys are so rich though. I feel good for you. :roll:

hopefully like last year Rogers sportsnet will pick up the remaining games and fill up the CFL schedule so nobody misses any games.

No home games are ever blacked out in Ottawa anymore Ottawa_Rough_Rider. Remeber the '70's? I enjoy going to home games too, all I was trying to say that it is fortunate for people in Ottawa who are incapable of going to the home games (i.e. impoverished families and children, the elderly, sick, and disabled, etc) that there are never any blackouts here anymore. After all, not everyone can go to every game, and that goers for Senators home games as well.

P.S. How the hell do you quote someone in this new format?

Go Rens Go!

Try the "Quote" button at the bottom of the post you want to quote.

Just a little correction to the list of games NOT televised:

As per CBC and, the Nov. 5 game (TOR @ OTT) is, in fact, televised on CBC.

Still sucks that 3 of 9 'Gades road games won't be televised, though. I'd rather have a few home black outs and see all the road games. Would push fans to buy tickets.

Hopefully with instant replay on the way, TSN, CBC and (maybe) Sportsnet will have to televise every game.

And I agree, we gotta get those pre-season games televised. I think the TD Atlantic game proves that the ratings would be there.

Go 'Gades in '05!

All of Montreal games are on TSN CBC or RDS
1 game is only on RDS so like the last few years I call up Bell ExpressVu the day before and subscribe to that channel and cancel it a few days later