Touchdown Atlantic 2022 and Halifax Expansion/Relocation

I think most CFL teams earn money. Not huge amounts compared to US sports leagues, but some. The three largest markets are probably the exception, especially over the last 5-10 years, but there was no shortage of people wanting to buy those teams when they came on the market.

We do get a peak each year into the finances of the Elks, Roughriders, and Blue Bombers. They all turn a profit.


We look at the Schooners and wonder why doesn't someone sink some money into getting that thing going - I am sure people with money, accountants and legal advice look at the business proposition of a CFL team in the Maritimes as a plutonium sandwich covered in botulism and poisoned mushrooms - If a team out there was a money making proposition surely someone would have stepped forward by now - As for the Riders and Bombers it takes a cult like devotion and whole provinces to keep those two teams afloat -
Also Halifax is closer to Dublin than it is to Vancouver - I hope they do put a team out there - I hope it is successful - but I do find it amazing that the same logic and reasoning that is used to nuke any possible USA expansion or to explain why USA Spring leagues will most certainly fail yet again is suddenly shelved or brushed aside when discussing the finances and probability of success for a team in the Maritimes -


You would think there is an opportunity for branding .

Cavendish for me makes a better chip now than McCains . Really impressed when switching over to that brand .

Now Irving owns them thru their conglomerate . But either one should be on board with a 20 k ish stadium for the area .

Irving could easily assist in building the stadium with some labeling in return if not the actual naming rights so could Mccains .

You would think one of them would not want the other with a large marquee style set up in their own backyard .

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There IS a group sinking money into getting the Schooners going.

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Don't think people were lined up to buy the Argos, Dave. David Braley had to own two teams simultaneously because no one else was interested.

As for the corporate financial case against a team in Halifax or Moncton, I don't care. Like Patrick Stewart says: "Make it so".

The Atlantic Schooners could fail. US expansion already happened and was a failure (even Baltimore when the time was up).... the CFL never looked back there afterwards...and rightfully so.

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After 50 years of talking about it -

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1982-83 (Group failed) Talk is cheap.

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I'm not sure that there weren't potential buyers after Braley took over the Argos, having loaned C&S a lot to keep the team running. We know Braley took a long time in selling the Lions because he didn't like the offers he was receiving. It's quite possible the same thing happened in Toronto until the right offer from Bell and Tanenbaum surfaced.

Of course, I wouldn't be overly surprised if no one else had kicked the tires and made offers, but we don't know for sure.

I'm with you there.

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I think that if you were rich that losing a few million a year on a sports team is nothing because those losses can be written off against other profits if it is structured properly. It’s not like the losses are going to be in Arizona Coyotes territory. We need someone rich who is looking for a new toy to step in.


Not sure what happened Braley said he was building his own stadium and was looking for a spot but then was seen attending a Raptor game with LT .

Posturing for the sake of posturing not sure .

Kind of like the NFL did with NFLE for a few years and then just said F**k it and walked away? The money they lost was pocket change and even that beast walked away - but maybe you are right maybe that angel investor caretaker will show up and carry a CFL team in the Maritimes for a few years -


PRO Sports...

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Move more of the games to the weekend especially in the summer months.