Touchdown Atlantic 2022 and Halifax Expansion/Relocation

I don't understand how the CFL hopes to "revive" or promote its product by going into a College/Retirement town of 4500 residents two hours out of Halifax and play a game in a 2500 seat stadium.

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The stadium in Acadia is being expanded to 10,000. Same as what they were planning in St. Mary's in 2020. Roughly the same as what they drew in Moncton in 2019.

Don't see the issue here


Acadia is an hour outside of Halifax and it will be expanding for 10K. SMU wasn't available due to construction. Acadia has always been a football hotbed and could make a buzz for some new CFL fans in the province.


What other options are there? It's not like Halifax is welcoming them with open arms.

Plus can you sell Halifax to American players?

For some of them playing in Canada is barely tolerable.

Quebec City would be more plausible as they are familiar to the American public with their history in the NHL.

Maybe another stadium (privately funded or a partnership with the city) would be plausible as Laval don't want to share with the CFL.

And honestly how much interest is there really in Halifax and/or Quebec or even Chicago.


The CFL doesn't seem to care about interest much. It's usually a case of whoever gives them enough money and has the ability to lease a CFL quality stadium gets a franchise.

The main reason we are having these exhibition games is because SSE has 300k worth of money that has most likely already been spent and they don't want to pay it back.


St.FX in Antigonish might have been an option. On a side note, the Feds and Province put in one million for new Turf at Acadia last year.

I can't see why you couldn't sell Halifax to Americans playing in the CFL.

Quebec City? The Quebec Nordiques haven't been in the NHL for almost 30 years. They would also need language training unless they already speak French.

All kinds of chitchat about stadiums and places, and team names. Until a group steps up, it's a confirmed nothing.


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Yes, people who rant should at least fact themselves before putting feet into mouth. it is not like this politics where one can tell outright lies on purpose... it is certain the rant was heartfelt and it is also a certainty the cfl is quite often full of boneheaded moves but not in this case


SMU is in downtown Halifax. Acadia is1.5 to 2 hour drive from Halifax and 4 hours from Moncton.

CFL in Atlantic Canada will be great when the team gets there. Sports crazy fan base. It'll be just like CFL in western cities like Regina and Winnipeg now. Great support. Watched the TD Atlantic announcement press conference. People actually care about team and community.


If a permanent stadium is built there (which it won't) yeah it will be problematic.

Won't be an issue for a one off game


But does it promote a team in Halifax? I don't think so.

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Well.... they're supposed to be called the 'Atlantic' they're looking for provincal dollars too so the shoe could still fit

But I don't think this game will move the needle either way on it's own anyways


Acadia with a 10K stadium (after expansion) is a wonderful location for the game!

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A head scratcher for sure.

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Not really. Nowhere to play in Halifax. Would you rather wait until next season?
Three days of CFL festivities in Halifax.... Game played in a football hotbed sprawling benefits further throughout the province. Obviously the right decison my opinion.


I don't understand the complaint here.


Sucks for Toronto to always be the team that has to travel for these exhibitions. It's not a home game and it doesn't help to promote attending Argo games in
Toronto by being so ambivalent about the team.I can't believe it is the Argo's idea.

Hamilton, Ottawa, and Montreal should all have to do the same thing. Make it an exhibition game if it has to go on.

Toronto most likely gets more gate cash in Halifax than they do at home games in TO...unless of course it is the Ticats or the Riders playing in TO.