Touchdown Atlantic 2013

I heard from Rod Pederson's blog (Roughrider play by play guy) that the 2013 Touchdown Atlantic will be played between the Ticats and Riders. This would be great news if true, knowing how well the Riders fans travel this would truly have the feel of a mini grey cup. Looking forward to seeing how this story plays out during the off season.

I kinda expect Hamilton considering they won't be in Hamilton, but it seems strange considering they were there for the last one. Riders isn't a surprise considering they have never been to one.

The CFL has over priced the tickets for this years game in Moncton, 49$ for end zone tickets is too much. These tickets should be 25$ tops. This is an idiotic move by the CFL they are simply being greedy.

Why? Where are comparable endzone seats $25 outside of the family zone? Plus, they need to pay for those temporary seats for a single game. 49 bux for tickets is far from greedy, unless it is 1983 again. The cheap seats at Argo games are slightly more than that, the difference...almost 3 times the capacity. Seriously...this is not expensive or greedy unless you have not been to an event anywhere for anything in years.

Cheapest tickets in CFL: Stampeders 32$ Alouettes 20$ Argos 27$ Ticats (in Guelph with 14 000 seats) 35$ Bombers 22$ Riders 25$ Lions 25$ and I couldn't find the pricing chart for the Esks.

The CFL had nothing to do with ticket prices
Moncton had to buy the game from for lost revenu for losing a home game
You would expect Moncton to at least want to get their money back and make some profit

Cheapest Als seats are 28$
20$ are for students

They did this last year too. Ticket prices were among the most expensive in the league, in the second poorest region of the country (the far north being #1).

This year I think the tickets ARE the most expensive in the league. They're more than the Argos, Lions, Riders (even for Labour day!), Bombers, most of the Stampeders tickets, Eskimos, and a lot of the Alouettes tickets (endzones are $20 for the Als vs $49 in Moncton).

Looks like the Ticats are the lone exception in Guelph, but even they have cheaper tickets than what Moncton is offering ($42).

I'm not entirely sure why they think this is going to work. The first year it was a sellout, and prices were lower. They raised them across the board for the second game, and it wasn't a sellout. TBH I don't think a team in Moncton has a chance if they're charging prices like these. Too many people in the Maritimes just can't afford it.

Don't forget.
This is Hamiltons home game but it will cost them more to play

42 players plus 8-10 coaches, medical staff, trainers equipment people, possibly cheerleaders and mascot people( there is most likely more than one) and anybody else that I can't think of.

All these people have to be flown to Moncton... Figure 2-3 nights in a hotel maybe more, food, transportation to and from the game and practices etc

I'm sure that whatever Hamilton received for this...all the extra expenses have been factored in.

Plus I hear there are supposed to be street festivals and other events that have to be paid for

If this was a Moncton team playing at home, they would not have to pay for the extras which would allow lower prices

I'm not fogetting that. But isn't the goal of the Moncton games to test the market for a team and to promote the CFL in the Maritimes?

Pricing it out of reach so that the games can't sell out is not exactly an awesome way to go about that.

Nor is pricing it to the point they can’t turn a profit. Moncton is a 10k facility expandable to 20k which is still 5k smaller than the smallest CFL stadium (counting Ivor Wynne not Guelph). Have to make up for those 5k seats somehow.

Touchdown Atlantic prices are inline with the rest of the league. Yes BC has $25 seats, but they are upper bowl, miles from the farthest seat in Moncton. Edmonton is the same, upper bowl for 25, but they are youth tickets, adults are 42. If you check you will find for the size of the stadium and how far you are from the field Monctons prices are comparable to the rest of the league.

Been to an NHL game recently? NBA? NFL??? Even Toronto FC charges more than CFL.

edit - apparently the Maratimes are not that hard up. Just went to see what was left for tickets and it’s sold out.


I checked yesterday and they had gold and endzone left

Well that's a lie it's not sold out, you can still buy 8 tickets together in the end zone.

There are still gold and endzone seats available
Platinum and Gold are sold out

I dont know who designed the website but geeze

You can select best available but you cant selelect a qty
The only way to give a qty is to pick a price level

Dont you think the word “lie” is rather harsh?

Sure but is giving Als' and Ticat season ticket holders first crack, then the other team's season ticket holders second crack before the general population of Moncton really the best way to to that?

Sorry, dcmoses gave incorrect information when he said it was sold out.

Not at all, but I doubt a ton of them took up the offer.

Speaking of tickets, have people received theirs ? Mine haven’t shown up yet.

Not yet but but seems to me there were supposed to be mailed first week in Aug

I hope they will not be regular tickets....Something worth keeping would be nice

Thanks for the rewording. ro1313 is right about the site, it's horrible. I asked for 1 ticket in each section and was told nothing available that matched my search, so I assumed no tickets in any section. As ro1313 said you can select best available but have to put a ticket number in a specific section and if you ask for tickets in 2 different sections it returns a "no match" response. :roll: One of the dumbest ticketing sites I've been to as the "best available" button is absolutely useless.

There are seats everywhere but the Platnums (centre field).

Please god let this game sell out and please let it come with an announcement of a 10th team, it would make a lot of Canadians really happy.