TOUCHDOWN ATLANTIC 2013 Roughriders & Tiger-Cats !

This is from the voice or the Riders in his Blog, Rod Pedersen;

  • I am of the belief that the Saskatchewan Roughriders will play the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Touchdown Atlantic 2013. Ticats officials told me the temp stadium at the University of Guelph will not be big enough to house Rider fans for next season's Saskatchewan visit so Moncton is the best option.

The way this is going, I bet Toronto will get the Labour Day Classic as their home game ??

A little premature, but what happens if Ticats host a "! Playoffs !" Game.

Oh the Humanity !!

Isn't that the tentative plan already?

[b]Ticats officials told me the temp stadium at the University of Guelph will not be big enough to house Rider fans for next season's Saskatchewan visit so Moncton is the best option.[/b]
a non sequitur as Guelph is not big enough to house all visiting CFL team capacities.

I wonder if he is basing his statement on the present capacity or the expanded capacity? If Guelph can be expanded to 12-15,000, as has been previouslty stated, there should be no problem(s) eh?

Playoffs??? Well let's not concern ourselves with that yet!

at the grey cup game, i sat next to a woman who works for guelph athletics and said she was a part of the negotiations to bring the cats to guelph. she said the stadium AFTER expansion will only hold ticats season ticket holders. she seemed to think 10,000 would be the max.

this is a disaster if true.
the club will lose a lot of money next season.

Oh boy. :cry:

Again, if true, what the heck happened with Western negotiations?

The Moncton games have a Mickey Mouse look to them on TV, can you imagine a 10,000 seat Guelph stadium? Half of the Moncton capacity?

I really wonder, and I don't think we''ll ever know, what the Tiger-Cats expected to lose in 2013 by going with the current IWS?

Did they even give this any real thought and consideration?

And how much money do they expect to make up with the new stadium given its location and limited capacity.

Kudos to them if they knew what they're in for, and are willing to pay.

I just cannot fathom they'd lose such money by going to WH, a location, unlike IWS', that would only get better with time and future development.

Its only one year folks, Its worth the inconvenience for one year to get a new stadium for the next 50 years ! And dont start with the West Habour, This is what started this and the EX Mayor Rottenburger has paid dearly for it for the rest of his life.

He cant even show his face in Hamilton 8)

Not in IWS' location, it's not. That's a dead end choice that does a disservice to both the city and future Tiger-Cat owners for decades to come. Any other location would have been better.

I respectfully disagree. Thats why there is Choclolate and Vanilla Ice Cream ? Some like one over the other !

I think two words can sum this up. Fred Rottenburger !

And you can thank our myopic ex mayor for only considering one location when there were many others on the table

Can't figure out what the hang up us with Eisenberger for some here.

The WH stadium idea preceded him, was a well known location for a couple of Commonwealth games bid before he was mayor. He is not a dictator, council voted many times for that location and had tons of community support from all walks of life. And lets' not forget what the Ticats said about playing anywhere in the city and why the current IWS was not a place to run a CFL franchise.

Seriously, you gotta be joking right !!

Good stuff Captain, you're playing ball. Have a chat with that tc guy, would you please? :wink: Let's at least, all of us say no seasons at this point for whatever reason, we hate the tier system, we hate the Cats for saying they'd play anywhere, we love the former mayor, we hate Guelph etc. it'll be our gift to the Freds out there, to be giving at Christmas time sort of thing. :wink:

LOL, Too Funny :thup:

How did a thread about TD Atlantic 2013 turn into another debate about the stadium location? Seriously, the west harbour advocates need to stop; the pro-IWS people need to stop. The harbour SUCKED as a location, IWS sucks as a location, and the best place, Confederation Park, wasn't allowed to be considered. The debate is dead, so let's stop bringing it up. We have what we have and that's it.

As far as TD Atlantic, I'm not surprised. I figured the Cats would play one game out there and it makes sense for it to be Saskatchewan. I'm not sure it is for the reason is the one that Rod Petersen said -- IMO, he can't be taken seriously as a reporter after he was so off on Quinton Porter's release a couple years ago and Kent Austin being the next Tiger-Cat head coach -- but it's about time Saskatchewan fans made the trek out to Moncton.

It's not just Fred Chickenburger. He was only one voice and the figurehead for all the other bimbos on council. They don't even know what's going down there amongst each other. I had one councillor tell me direct info he received from the city treasurer regarding the East Mountain site and then another counciller claimed that that information was false and a complete lie. I've heard from a couple of people that work at City Hall that what goes on in that building is about as dysfunctional as you can possibly get. The stadium is just one portion of a very long list of botched decisions at city hall.

Kelsey's on East Mtn, good deal there, $18 for dinner and a movie. They are looking for business up there. Ah yes, Pasuta wants us all to go to Buffalo for games, forgot. :wink:

(sorry, had to say this, know it's not a stadium thread)

Don't understand. In which part of my quote do you think I'm joking?

Here, from 2003 when Robert Wade was mayor, plans for a 42,000 seat stadium at West Harbour to be completed in 2008 for the 2010 Commonwealth games.

A WH stadium is an old concept that predates Eisenberger's mayoralty.