Touchdown Atlantic 2006

Have the host city and teams playing been announced?


I don't think so - else the forum would have been all over it. I seem to remember hearing that they'd make an announcement in March or April. But I believe Moncton is pegged as the host city ...

Moncton should be the host this year, they need to have a go.

But should they call the game "TD Atlantic" again?

since its called touchdown Atlantic, it HAS to be in atlantic canada....and we all know there are only 2 choices for the CFL in atlantic canada....Halifax or Moncton.

so u have a 50-50 chance of being correct with your guess.

Actually I have not heard the word Atlantic anywhere esl but on the forum.
We assume it will be Atlantic

I'd rather it be "New Brunswick" if it's Moncton.

"TD New Brunswick" or maybe something better.

well us Renegades seasons ticket holders have been told that our home exibition game wont be held in Ottawa this year so I think it is safe to say that the game will be between Montreal and Ottawa in Moncton. Hope it is announced soon

Tom Wright also hasn't ruled out playing the exhibition game in Quebec City. "Atlantic 2006" is therefore unofficial.

Hope you guys get compensated for the moved Ex game.

I know last season when the "TD Atlantic" game was the Argos' home pre-season date, the team decided to compensate the season ticket holders with a voucher in their packages for an extra seat to one of the 9 regular season games. You'd think the Gleibermans would do the same thing, if not one better.

i'd like to see 2 pre-season games are played in new markets this year....

toronto vs ottawa in atlantic canada ( should be halifax again, to keep the interest high there. especially since moncton is building a 10 000 seat stadium, which means CFL cant go there )

and montreal vs hamilton in quebec-city ( quebec might be tired of seeing ottawa all the time in pre-season games )

I like your idea to mix the preseason up, D God, but would the league do that with a 2 week preseason?

and it's Moncton's time to show us what they can do.

theres no point to moncton...they already commited to the building of a 10 000 seat stadium....way too small for any CFL expansion.

why waste a pre-season game there KNOWING you CAN'T expand there?

We talked about this before, but I would like to see every team play a three game pre-season. With the third game at a neutral site. In effect, each team can build up its product and or the league can develop an expansion team region.

4 game pre season.

D god, their is intrerest in the CFL there, they desever a pre season game under new rules at least.

I would love a 3-game preseason ... and having the third in a neutral site would be neat.
I didn't know Moncton had committed to building a 10,000-only seat stadium ... kinda skewers any CFL hopes there. Oh well, I think a team would do better in Halifax, anyway. Who cares if Moncton has more people within a 3-hour radius - the question is, how many people are going to drive 3 hours?!? Halifax has a higher concentration of people, which is what you need.

thats exactly what i always say...who will drive 3 hours to moncton if the team has a few poor seasons?

halifax has the population to support the team within its own city.


I will try this a second time... The CFL used to have a four game exhibition schedule but dropped it in favour of adding two more regular season games. Thus an 18 game schedule and only two exhibition games, they realized that they could make more money with regular season games then they could with exhibition games. keep it as it is, I would rather spend top dollar on a meaningfull regular season then on a mean nothing exhibition season game. Heck, there has been talk during the NFL preseason to dumping two of their exhibition games in favour of an 18 game regular season.

Please, please don’t tell me you’re trying to change Kanga’s mind, whoisyourdaddy…it’s an exercise in futility, and no good can come from it…