Touch it and die...

I love collecting. I just picked up the new Ti-Cats mini helmet. I have my collection of Grey Cups on VHS and my favourite piece, a hard board-plaque mounted poster of team helmets from 1995. And I'll probably add to my collection in November when I go to my first Grey Cup. I also wish the CFL could set up a deal with McFarlane Toys to make CFL players like they do with NHL and other major sports. What do you collect? What is the "crown jewell" to you collection?

A GREY CUP, poster from 1989. 1st GREY CUP , at the S.D. [R.C.]
sask wins :smiley:

ALL 9 CFL teams mini , mini helmets in one package.

1991 GREY CUP CHAMPS Argo poster with , THE ROCKET [ISMIL] , PINBALL , MATT D. , DON MOAN , LANCE C. , and DARREL K. SMITH , autographs on it. :smiley:


I also have a frame with alot of CFL stuff in it.

I have a Saskatchewan Chris Szarka jersey, a Montreal home jersey that I paid $25 for last week at the game, a Stamps mini-helmet, about 300 trading cards, a book on the Ottawa Rough Riders, and Stamps hat, and a Roughriders Grey Cup magazine from 1989.

Isn’t it great that CFL stuff is so cheap compaired to the NFL???

When I was at the Edmonton @ Winnipeg game earlier this year, I was wearing my Eskimos sweater and me and my bro were about the only Eskimo fans in the stands. We were cheering so loud and one of the Eskimos staff members went into the locker room and brought out an Eskimo media guide. He gave it to me, and then one by one as the players were walking by to go to the dressing room I got autographs on it from...

Ricky Ray
Jason Tucker
Derell Mitchell
Singor Mobley
Ed Hervey

It was the best day of my life!

PS- Eskimos also won by a pretty huge margin aswell.

My 2004 Al's team picture signed by almost everyone....i'm only missing guys that aren't in CFL anymore..even signed by owner Wetenhall, GM Popp & President Larry Smith, the "DON", 4 -1000 yards receivers (Cahoon, Cavil, Copeland & Anderson)...Calvillo (6000 yards)..etc...

Just framed it this weekend in a 16x20 frame, with text around the picture about all the records that we broken (CFL, Individual & Team).

My #86 Cahoon Shirt signed by him....

An autographed picture of Watkins to XGamer (me) (me & him on field after the game)...1st 1000 yds receiver of Al's this year...

This weekend, i'll try to get players to sign my Jogo 2004 CFL Trading set.

Take a pic so we all can go wow!

I just got a 2005 roughrider poster with many autographs on it. while it may not have every player, it does have all 3 quarterbacks and a few of my favorite players autographs......It also has autographs of the 3 main coachs (richie, danny and marcell). I will never sell it.

Also have a program from the 1989 Grey Cup in which the riders won.

I've got a signed football from the 2005 Roughriders. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That football is not worth anything,anymore.
I have got an autographed Pinball Jersey.
Now that is worth millions of dollars!!!

Ohhh, that jersey would be wonderful to have!!...But I think I will just stick with my autographed football of the RIDERS!!!!!

greenfan do you ever get mad.
You seem to be like a piball type of guy!!
There you get one compliment!!!

Well, if I was a "piball kind of guy", I think my husband would be a little pissed.

Now I understand.
Should have known you were a woman.
How ignorant of me.Sorry greenfan.
Are you Pinballs wife?LOL

Hhmmmm...don't think so, but you never know, when jm02 and I were out at the bar, maybe we drank a little too much, met Pinball and got married :shock: :shock:

Time to lay off the vodka me thinks....

My collection of CFL memorabilia has grown and shrank over the years. My collection used to include a 1995 poster of all the teams (including the US franchises), and an autographed Montreal Concordes (remember them?) pennant.

Now, my collection contains my Argos' 2005 season ticket holder plaque (with some photos from the 2004 Grey Cup win in it), Grey Cup programs from the games I attended in 2001 and 2004 (the latter I got autographed by John Avery), a football signed by the '93 Argos, and the circa '93 handmade replica Argo helmet.

How much was his traffic ticket? :smiley:

I actually bought a DOMINGUEZ jersey today. found it on sale and its the new green jersey. GO RIDERS. :smiley: