touch football on sunday sign up!

Hey for anyone who wants to play a game of touch football this Sunday @ 10:30 at resivor park off of aberdeen, maybe crash can help me and post a map on here if ya wanna play or come and have some pop! come on out guys and girls are welcome the park is by the chedoke golf course and by the escarment stairs I will be there so hopefully you will too!!


pm me if you need more info

Ok so suddely this is your idea now?

sign me up

If I can get a ride, I'll be there, and I'll try to bring a friend. Once I know I can get a way there I'll ask for the information :slight_smile:

Okay, nevermind, it's my Dad's weekend, I'll make it to the next one though.

no Flecth this is not my idea relax why is every one here so touchy I just wanna play football I noticed no one started any concreat plans so I decied to? We have played before with guys from I think there was a stretch of about 4 weeks in a row so this is not ur idea either it has been done before, anyways no need to get into a contest just wanna toss around the ball and meet fellow fans!! cheers

Then why didn't you plan it before now.

No worries either way.

i dunno your idea sounded like a good one and I'm doing nothing on Sunday so lets play!! cheers

30 yrs ago, I was young enough and in the area. Why didnt you do this then,grrr :slight_smile:

Of course it is a good idea. :wink:

I'll try and swing by. I used to live on Charlton just down the street. I live in Stoney Creek now, i'll keep an eye on how many people respond. If it looks like we have intrest, i'll swing by.

The cattmann will be there.

don’t have such an attitude man,

This is the kind of thing that i like to see on this board. loved to come but will be in chicago this weekend

No attitude man. 8)

Anyway this week-end is going to be hard as it is the long week-end.

if the cats don't pick up their socks on friday, it'll be a REALLY loooooooong weekend.

like second and long.

i think this would be a good addition to the tailgate at scott park on labourday. i propose showing up at at 8 am game day for a touch football game

i'd be up for that on labour day.

all right then, i am always at the school by 8 am on labour day. this is an open invitation for touchfootball at 8 :30am on labourday (before all the cars get there) I will be captain of "TEAM EAST END"

id be hammered by 10am.

that could be a LONG day.

Now that is a good idea. :thup: :smiley:

I'll bring the firstaid kit :wink: