Totally disappointed in Geroy Simon! Totally!!

For those of you who did not see the Lions/Toronto game on Saturday September 15 let me tell you why I'm so disappointed with the league's all time receiving yardage record holder: Mr. Geroy Simon. Please note I've never had an axe to grind with Simon but after seeing what I considered a totally unprofessional, self-centred display on his part, my estimation of the guy has gone down a few notches.

The play in question?

Lulay had thrown a pass to Simon. Simon was somewhere between the Argos 35 and 40 yard line near the sideline on the Argo's side of the field. [right where I was sitting] He was being covered by two defenders. One of the defenders intercepted the ball and was just in bounds and began running with the ball. Instead of Simon going after the guy and trying to tackle him or knock him out of bounds he turns to the fans, stood on both feet with eyes fixed on the spectators and raises his hands high into the air as if to say, "Oh come on ref, get some glasses, pass interference." In the meantime the Argo's defender is scampering down the field and eventually a TD is scored on the play.

I could not believe my eyes! Simon simply gave up on the play and was more concerned about trying to sell a pass interference call than continue with the play until the whistle blew. I found this extremely odd because Simon would not have even known if a flag had been thrown at this point. He simply quit playing.

I'm quite ticked off with what I saw because it had the air of some guy who perhaps thinks that he can never be covered well enough to be intercepted and that if a ball is ever thrown to him that only one of two things can happen: either he catches it or the defender gets called for pass interference.

I'm not here to trash Mr. Simon nor post this so others can take the opportunity to do so but I do think Mr. Simon owes his fans and his team mates an apology for putting his pride and ego ahead of his team.

There was no pass interference on this particular play. Not even close. It may be that on other plays there was pass interference on Simon and that he was getting frustrated. Big deal! It does not mean he stops playing after the ball has been intercepted and display his disdain. A very unprofessional, immature and selfish display in my opinion.

Some players who have done great things, aka Terrel Owens, have shown similar behaviour. Who was that guard for the 76'ers who said "practice, practice??" He was ok as well. Simon as great as he's been falls in this category of great players I would say. Probably could have been way better if he had an A+++ attitude instead of A attitude.

Even great players have off-days. Simon is still a future Hall of Famer, regardless of what happened on one play.

Makes you wonder Earl doesn’t it? Who knows?


His candidacy as a Hall of Famer was never in question in my mind but I would expect a player of Simon’s calibre to give 100% all the time even on his so called off days and not make the game about himself. He did on this occasion. I was just surprised by the attitude. I have seen players not at Simon’s calibre and who will not get into the Hall of Fame never give up on a play whether they are having a rough day or not.

Simon was trying to make a statement and it was a stupid statement in my opinion. Forgivable? Of course. Will he take some ownership? I hope so.

Not defending his action at all, beagle, believe me. I'm just saying that even a Hall of Famer can have a bad day, or a day in which he doesn't shine as an example of what's good in football.

What it proves to me is that Geroy Simon is a human being, just like the rest of us. :slight_smile:

It's not like he is the only receiver that does this sort of "why me?" routine

I agree D&P. I just hope he keeps his fame and good fortune in perspective and learns from the faux pas.

"It's not like he is the only receiver that does this sort of "why me?" routine" cflisthebest

Not sure what your point is. Most guys will do some whining when they believe they've been interfered with but I've never seen a guy actually quit on the play before the whistle because he's ticked off that there was no call. If I'm not mistaken if there is pass interference and the ball is intercepted, the play is allowed to continue and is sorted out after the whistle. Simon knows that.

I guess it time to put the Geroy Simon pajamas in storage :lol:

Don’t know about the PJs yet. But the Geroy blanket and night light are definitely going into storage! :rockin:

B.C. should just trade him. Now.
Guy is clearly not perfect.

I will say he is probably classy enough to learn from that and all players can learn regardless of how long they have played, whatever sport.

I agree. In general I hate it when players try to "Show up officials" In fact I wish Higgins would tell his guys to throw a flag for Unsportsmanlike conduct when players mimick the flag throwing motion.

Geroy might have had an "Off-day". I'm not ready to GIVE UP on him like a certain other team did several years ago. :wink:

I suppose he is having an off year, maybe a little frustration on his part. I do sense a changing of the guard as Geroy may not be the go too guy nonetheless he is still a class act act and can be a real leader on any team. I hope when he retires he stays active in this league. I've met him a few times and he always finds time for the fans. :thup: Don't let one play change the way you feel about him their are many more great things he's done.

:lol: :lol:

No, they should cut him. Immediately!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Not being perfect on EVERY SINGLE PLAY will NOT be tollerated!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:

In fact I think the Lions should just cut their losses and fold right now... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Geroy is a class act oilerrocker and I've actually said that myself, and when I've seen guys on the forums here try to trash him I've gone after them for it. I'm not questioning his contributions or his integrity. I just don't want to see him lose his perspective on the game on his role as a team player. As I mentioned, on that particular play it was more about Geroy and I think that is wrong.

The Bombers are looking for a quality coach EastVanmark. Ever considered applying? :rockin:

Geroy cries for a flag on almost every play he does not make.

If I do I know one player that I ain't signing...that no good imperfect Geroy Simon! :smiley:

That Geroy Simon has never been a team player! He is a "me first" kinda dude. Johnny agrees with what Jeremaine Copeland said about his touchdown celebration; you know, that Supergirl pose.
It really looks...