totally apathetic about lions/ticat game

Honestly, I could care less about staying up to watch this game or even taping it. What a disappointing season these players and coaches have given the fans of Hamilton.

It was a very disappointing season, but I'll still watch the train wreck. I just might see some blood or some heroism.

Me too. I have to do work in Vancouver occasionally, so several weeks ago I scheduled a trip to the west coast, and planned to stay the weekend so I can see the game.

Instead, I'm going to leave Sat. morning and go home to spend the weekend with my family instead.

It's not worth the time or the money to stay for the game.

I did go to Edmonton for the big win - at least that paid off. But it will be a miracle if we do well against BC.


Someone said earlier this week in this very arena, "Can't wait for this circus to leave town" ... would like to echo those sentiments ... and then some :frowning:

Well if you feel this way why post on here at all ? Yes it`s been a VERY disapointing season to say the least . But we already know this dont we ?? I dont get the posting to say your not interested , doesnt make sense to me !!!!

I'm not watching tonight's game either. I have a bad feeling that a lot of the Tiger-Cat players' heads will be elsewhere and B.C. is going to humiliate them...

I really have to agree
I can't get up for this game..
Cause 1 and done..2006 RIP..

Don't even know if I will Watch it..

I'll be watching game one of the World Series and maybe the BC game after it.

The Detroit Tigers were horrible the past few years and this year they are playing for the championship.

Makes one wonder as to the possibilities of Tiger Cats playing in Skydome November, 2007.

Fine sentiments, Ockham. I will be doing the same. At least one set of Tigers have a good shot of winning tonight!

Re the Cats game, I'll be interested in seeing if Richie Williams gets any reps.

Oski Wee Wee,

The Detroit Tigers will be my first choice tonight, as well. I definitely won't waste time watching the Ti-Cats after that unless I see that they have a significant lead when I tune in.

Alright, Would you believe a 10 point lead?
How about a two point lead? How about 10 points behind? Blow em up! I'm going to bed.

I'm going to watch it. I don't believe all the players have given up. I even believe some of them are talented. I'm looking to see which ones show up... and I fully expect they will get blasted out of the water. They're still our team. Ya, ya... I know... the Lions are going to eat 'em. I'll be on the edge of my seat hoping none of them get really badly hurt, admiring how cute they all are in their attractive outfits as they get smashed around doing their best. I'm quite confident some of them, like #33, #18, #42 and #4 plus a few others truly give it their best shot every time they step on the field - and for those guys - I'm watching and lending what little support I can from the comfort of my cozy rocking chair.

I think that I'm glad that I'll be coaching a hockey game and won't get home until after 11:30. I'll see part of the game but not enough to give me nightmares..... I hope.

I have a schedule conflict that will likely prevent me from watching it live but I'll either watch the recording when I get home (what's this "staying up" nonsense?) or tomorrow morning.
Otherwise there's no question I'd be watching it live.

Can't watch the game in St. Lucia, but I'll certainly listen to it on the internet...

Habman, it's something about misery and company. And let's face it, Cats fans have a lot to be miserable about this year.

An Argo fan

Lucky you .. :lol:

They have internet hook-up on the nude beach?

WoW.....I say go deep young man.


How many Tiger fans were saying the same thing a few years ago and now thier saying " Oh ya I watched them when they were`nt winning , Ive always been a Tiger fan !!!! Oh sure they were !!!!!!