Total Victory Foe Als

Now we know that the Als can win one over a western team. Offensively this game was a mismatch. One has to give credit to the coaching staff. This team is playing much better than the team of 07 although they have had few changes in personal.

Calvillo is excelling this year. Compared to last year he is showing greater quickness getting rid of the ball, is rolling out with effectiveness and, has been making planned runs. He will be in competition for MVP this year depending on what he shows in the last few games.

With respect to the receivers, Cahoon, Richardson and Watkins are making the catches. The play of the Canadian receivers has to be an area for improvement. Deslauriers has been replaced by Desriveaux- neither of these two have shown anything. If the Als could get a good tight end to fill this position this would have to mean better blocking for the backs.

The defensive team was up for the game. The newcomer at defensive tackle Mclveen was good at creating fumbles and is promising. It was great to have Etienne Boulay back full time at safety.It was enjoyable to witness the Als thrash a team that has given them difficulties in past.

The play of the offensive this year is amazing. Kudos to a good coaching team!!