Total Points Today?

Well I know last week some were predicting an offensive struggle while others thought it would be an airshow. Turned out the former won that bet. How do you think the offenses will fare this week?

I'm guessing another low scoring match, Lions offense hasn't been great the past couple weeks and until a QB gets comfortable there I don't see that changing. Should be another close game, the Lions have been decent on the road this year but the Bombers have been solid at home too.

Probably no more than 40 points, if I had to make an exact bet I'd say 35 with the Lions pulling out a 19-16 victory.

this is the week we get it all togeather. Lions by at least 3td's in a massacre at the ok corral.

Ya Bombers goin down!

good call

well - we tried. now the odds of us getting it togeather just quadrupled. surely we can't do that agin.

Man, 4th quarters haven't been our thing recently (thinking back on that Hamilton game).