I feel sorry for Charlie Taaffe. I predict he will not be here next season. He is the coach but his football player evaluation skills and how he wants this team to look are not being considered when the front office makes decisions on players.
Point in case, when Hitch and Mike were released, Taaffe was the last to know and he input on that decision was not asked for. He did not know that Auggie was traded until he heard it on the radio.
In my humble opinion, head coaches of professional football teams did not get to that stage without being able to evaluate players in order to put together the proper mix at all positions to put a winning team on the field.
This is not the case in Tiger Cat land.
Sounds insane to me.

None of those players were starters, and as such the moves had little impact on the team.

No biggie.

I have to laugh at this statement. Captainkirk you cant seriously tell me that because a player isnt a starter they dont matter to the team. good teams have good back ups … please tell me you know this.

How can a H.C not be in control of who his players are, i cant believe that Taaffe has no say re his roster.

I didn't say that. Those are your words.

Of course back ups matter and good teams have good back ups.

Under Marcel?? Who knows...

I am starting to get a battered wife reaction from this abusive in how bad we are right now!Fans are starting to beleive its ok to be abused by other teams and make our town look like a joke! Sorry people I will never settle as a lovable loser like some but only settle as a winner!

Non Sense Charlie will be here
Some of his Staff may not be