Total Embarrassment

My only objection to a posting in this thread was the reference of Hitchcock and Morreale as being deadwood. I firmly believe that these two players have alot more to give and can be very productive if given the opportunity.

I'd be more inclined to get rid of the players that aren't producing yet are given every opportunity to do so.

brutal, the only thing that looked good for us on saturday night wa sour uniforms, they looked sharp, but the team was playing wow! to good ... not

Isn’t there a point where backing a loser over and over again becomes unhealthy to a person’s spirit - AND to their wallet? Let’s face it, going to these games is expensive. For me and my husband, it’s just not fun anymore. Individually I LOVE the players. I KNOW they’re trying hard and I respect them. Darling husband is even bidding on a jersey for me (great donation to the charity - and vote of support to my favourite player). But come on… enough is enough. Buy seasons tickets next year?.. probably not.

I will admit, I do not have a beef with the cost of tickets. I consider it strong value for a night out.
What I have the beef with is the complete waste of a Friday and Saturday evening the last two home games have been.
In a league dominated by home team victories, we are not even being anything close to competitive at home.
I do not demand a win to be entertained, but a few TD's and a reasonably tight game is nice.
I have been going to every game for the last 10 plus years, and never had the desire to leave early.
Lately the talk starts around the half as to what time do you want to bail out of here.

Its to the point that I might choose to watch the game at one of the local establishments, and if we play like we have just enjoy the evening with my buddies and pay no attention to the TV.

The next step would be to catch the score on the late night news.

Slip slidding away...

I still love my Cats no matter what, but some games it's harder than others. I fell like I'm starting to sound like a Leafs fan....haha....