Total Embarrassment

I have been a ticat fan for over forty years and I can say last night was the first time I was embarrassed to admit it. I was at the game with a bunch of friends and colleagues and there is no real way to describe the disappointment in the way this team plays. When you play in front of your home town fans against a arch rival and you basically get shut out…there are no words harsh enough for this teams performance. They are an embarrassment to the loyal Ticat fan.

could not have said it better myself,I have
been a season ticket holder for years,and getting tired of throwing my money away.

Ahhh, they may be "embarassment(s) to the loyal Ticat fan", but the more fundamental problem is that they aren't embarassments to themselves. If/when they do get to that point, they may improve as a team.

Where's the pride?

An Argo fan

hey barney,an argo fan with some class and a good insight with whats wqrong with our cats,pride.your welcome any time at iws.

Bob, you listening/reading....and these are not fairweather come lately fans. We are all SICK of this......get a good talent scout not named Smith a good offensive minded coach perhaps named Charlie Taffe and maybe....well .. I'll think about investing in this team again

i will admit the way the cats played was embarassing but you speak of this Being a loyal ticat fan…?..Loyal fans stick with their team through thick and thin…look what happened in winnipeg i mean the cats win some games but…the time they dont win…people go mad…look at their 1-17 season. What happened to people abandoning the cats then? i’m confused with all of these ‘‘Loyal Fans’’…

the ticats need to cut the dead weight on the roster, guys that have done nothing, and are on the roster due to being longtime cats players, im speaking of morreale, hitchcock, belli. Cut those guys, and the other players that lack hustle ,integrity, and pride, and then we will have a better crop of players.

Toronto Sun headline succinctly sums up this hapless organization:

"Woeful Ticats take giant step back"

Except for a year here and ther this team has been a losing team for more than 30 years. That is what LOYAL fans are sick and tired of. I have backed and defended this team and league since the late 70s and since that time I've seen 2 grey Cup wins and a few winning seasons but most of the seasons have been like this one.

I'll always be there for my team but I too am tired of the losing season after season.

Loyal fans deserve to have some winning years in a row and so far this decade this team stinks and stinks and then stinks again. They should NEVER play like that at home especially at home to the Argos. These players need to play with some pride like the fans who show up game after game show.

I have been a TiCats fan for over 35 years and I am extremely peed off at the team and the organization. I am a loyal fan, but what they showed last night was nothing more than a joke. And the TiCats are a joke! I am tired of hearing this and that, that the team needs time to gel. That is a bunch of bovine excrement that is being shoved down our throats. I am tired of losing, I am tired of sitting through this garbage. Scoring only 2 point in two home games. Come On! If I was not a loyal fan of the Ticats I would sit here and say that everything will be OK, that they need time to get things together. Well it is too late. THE SEASON IS OVER!

Last night I heard on the radio from a player being interviewed by the local radio station, that the next four games are critcal and that they must win them all and that will give the Ticats a 6-7 record and be in the thick of things. Well, What I have seen last night and the previous home game, I think they are fooling themselves. This is a team full of losers. No leadership, No imagination, No heart, No nothing! 2nd and 15 and they go with a five yard down and out. A play that they went with a countless amount of times throughout the night. Yeah, that will win ball games

Great game guys, Now take that attitude and get the heck out of Hamilton. Get guys that want to be here and want to win!

Yeah I am pissed off and have every right to be pissed off and if you sit there and tell me that I am not a fan of the Ticats for critisizing, well let me tell you something, I want a winner, I want men that play football that take things personally and that hate to lose. Please don't sugar coat this game. It was crap and an embarrasment to the extreme.


the team needs to overhaul things, im sick of this wannabe gm rob katz, he is some sports marketing guy from flordia, the ticats need an experienced CFL veteran as team president, and another one for the gm role, enough of this dog an pony show.

i will admit the way the cats played was embarassing but you speak of this Being a loyal ticat fan..?..Loyal fans stick with their team through thick and thin..look what happened in winnipeg i mean the cats win some games but..the time they dont win..people go mad..look at their 1-17 season. What happened to people abandoning the cats then? i'm confused with all of these ''Loyal Fans''..

WOW 2 posts to say the exact same useless thing.

I think that the GM may be the next person to go because he does not know how to bring in talent suited to the Canadian league. He is a money man raised on the NFL

lancaster and pao pao have to take some of the blame..terrible offensive play calling and stuborness not to switch quarterbacks..yes i've had season tickets for over 35 years and will continue to support and go to games..we used to rule the argos and now we bow to them, that' embarassing......

Oh, here we go again...the "diehard" insulting the "fairweather" fans.

Here's a little bit of reality for you: the thirteen thousand "diehards" in attendance before Bob bought the club is the reason the team was in receivership. The "diehards" need the "fairweathers" so start treating the other half of the stadium with some appreciation and respect. Also, here's a little tidbit, the "fairweathers" don't like watching a losing football team anymore than you do.

Care to expand on that one a bit?
I'm one of the 13,000 that you suggest is responsible for the team's near demise and I really just can't figure out how you see those that continued to support this club as responsible.
A lack of attendance and support is what brought that on.


See, you knew it all along. If all you "diehards" keep putting the "fairweathers" down and they stop coming out to IWS, the TiCats will be back in receivership and dissolved as a franchise.

So play nice.

The 13,000 scared away all the walk-ups?
Out of all the reasons for the previous ownerships troubles I have to admit that's the first time I've heard that one.

The franchise's current 18,000-20,000 seasons ticket holders give somewhat more stability and a lot less dependability on walk-ups than the pasts 7,000 seasons holders.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cat organization of the Bob Young era has done some excellent things off the field such as an up-to-date, interactive website and outstanding community service. They also tried to improve the on-field product over the off-season with the acquisition of some very good players from other CFL teams.

Trailerparkboy does, however, make a valid point about the frustrations felt about the performance of the Ticats over the past 30 years. Since 1976, the overall regular season record of the Ticats is 226 wins, 294 losses and 9 ties. In a league with eight or nine teams depending on the given year, the Ticats have finished first 7 times and have won the Grey Cup only two times in the past 30 years. As bad as some of those teams have played over that time span, none of those teams was ever shut out at home. This year's team was shut out at home two weeks ago (for the first time in 55 years)and scored a mere two points in last night's home game. This is unacceptable.

While it is agreed that the problem would only get worse if long time Ticat fans and newer Ticat fans decided not to buy tickets next year, it is not surprising to read the posts of some fans venting their frustration about the ongoing futility of the team.

Rob Hitchcock and Mike Morreale are the only current Ticat players who have been here long enough to truly understand where the fans are coming from. It is time for a Tiger-Cat team meeting tomorrow- if the coaches cannot motivate the team to step up their play, maybe these veterans will have to assume that leadership role until the Tiger-Cat organization determines which coaches and players should stay and which ones should be replaced.