Total Disarray

This looks worse than 2015 with Chamblin and the 0 and whatever start. Zero backup O Lineman or D Back for this game as according to the panel at half time, Totally destroyed any confidence Bridge may have had, total misuse and tolerance of Carter (Mr. Discipline), brutal Training camp roster decisions and absolute inept operations by Jones. Yikes, where does it go from here.

I know i'm an outsider looking in from the states, but being a long time Rider fan, I have made my statement about HC Jones(oh and GM). Last nights game should tell ownership right there that this is not where Rider Nation wants to go. TIme for a change and get back on the right track, get capable backups (especially at QB) Trade Duron who thinks he is all world (oh wait he got burnt like toast last night how many times?) Rider Nation deserves better than that what was witnessed last night.

That MaCadoo is a beauty. Calls a great game. Only thing I would have changed was recognizing that Bridges' long ball was off a bit. Instead of those 8 yard Bombs that were handcuffing him, I would have stuck more to the 2 yarders where he at least grazed the receiver with the throw.

You should at least indicate your sarcasm, some might take you seriously ?

lol, I feel like this is a bit of an overreaction. This is not even close to as bad as our 2015 season.. not close at all. We are a QB away from being a good team. Our defense is gelling. On the 31 points we gave up 21 of that was off of turnovers in our own end, and a punt return. Another TD we gave up they got a illegal contact call, when Johnson and his man got their feet tangled, which overturned a pick we got.
If we had a QB that was even semi competent we would be a scary team. Our receivers are very good, our defense is excellent. Our RBs are good. Our O-line could use to be better, I'd like to see us find someone to replace Clark as he is a liability, and makes both LaBatte, and Bladeks jobs a lot harder.

Were there some questionable roster decisions? Yea.. a few. But there are also so great ones. Look at how well Hurl has been playing at MLB. Look at how they use Antiga. Our receivers this year I like better than what we had last year.

Take a deep breath after a loss like this and realize. We are 3-3 and we have the worst starting QB in the league by a pretty wide margin right now.

Also what did carter do this game that was lack of discipline? He lost his shit after one play. And got a face masking call that wasn't actually facemasking. What else was tolerated this game? Misuse.. I agree, but he has been a pretty solid CB the last three games. And we aren't throwing the ball anyway.

Biggest 3 issues. QB. Oline. McAdoo. We need those addressed. Outside of that, how are you even comparing this team to 2015?

Do we have a quarterback coach ?

Is that all? Jeez that should be easy to fix. It's only one player after all. You would think a competent G.M. would figure this out and remedy the situation. Given the game plan, hell I know a guy on our block who I've watched out the front window throw some beautiful 4 yarders to his dog to fetch.

Well I think they need to design the offence to the quarterbacks strengths, not try and pigeon hole him into a system that doesn’t work for him, I could be out to lunch on that statement, but to me the cfl is kind of an improvisation league at quarterback, untill the game slows down for a guy just getting his feet wet. We’ll have to give it a few more games, Calgary does have a tough team.

Yah I agree with the QB sentiment (as I've been saying a lot). It has been 4 years+ the Riders are without a Franchise QB.
I thought 2 years ago the scouting/Murphy and company would have been able to zero in on a guy, I mean Calgary and BC never seem to have a problem bringing in Dam good QB's yet Saskatchewan seems can't fine "one" in all this time....Mmmmm. ???
I also can't get the "good feeling" with ZC as the Franchise guy. I hope he proves me wrong but I just don't see/feel he has the mental toughness. And if I'm right, the Riders will sit still be without a Franchise guy and a QB that is off the field more then on. imho

And don't forget. Now that the Giants have some film on Bridge as a starter that they wanted, he will be off to the NFL next year. ;D ;D