Total Defeat

In the first few minutes of the Edmonton game penalties and a loose defense gave Edmonton a 14 -0 lead. I am glad I was not one of the forty thousand frustrated Als fans who wittnessed just more ineptness as the game progressed!

That was hard to watch...............

I can only hope they played so badly because they thought it was a meaningless game!

No one wants to play on that @#%$%^& felt carpet at the Big O. They have to show up but I don't blame them for going easy on that piece of s h i a t field.

Als organization should be ashame asking their players to play on that surface.

I'd like to think that too, but I think this team may be a total mess right now.
That was an awful display against a bunch of second stringers.

Awful is a nice way of putting it.....

Sure the field is bad, but Edmonton had to play on it as well.

To give up almost 200 yards rushing to a second stringer..........brutal.

Davis Sanchez did say they did not really care because the important game is that of next week against the Argos.

I say that's the attitude that get you out of the playoff portrait my friend. Should the Als lose the important game next week (somthing that's way possible given how bad they play) and the Bombers win, then there will be no home playoff game for the birds. They go in Winnipeg for the East semi.

Had they won against the second-stringers of an already eliminated team this past Saturday, they would at least have secured a home playoff game.

I say the reason why there are only two teams in the Grey Cup game is because 6 do not belong in the big game. And right now, the Als certainly are part of those underserving teams.

If you go all out, give it all you have and lose to a better team, that's football. And then, yeah, there's always next week. But when you just don't bother and play a heartless game, then you just deserve the loss, the boos and the playoff elimination.

Booo Als, BOOOOO !

Third, I've not seen you this bitter before!

I have to admit, I can't figure out why you guys are playing like you are. Your open letter to Jim Popp points out a couple of things, but your defense is lacking as well. Phillion, Sanchez, Belli, Karikari, Stewart should be leading you guys, but they just seem ordinary.

Our defence does the job more than it seems, but there's been the likes of R-Kal Truluck and Duane Butler who kept erasing our big plays with stupid penalties. John Bowman also got a throng of them, but in his case, they were more offside penalties than majour fouls. At least, being offside shows you were too eager to get there. Majour fouls shows you have no control on your own temper, which, if you are an adult should be wrorrysome.

Beside, I believe Kai Ellis does a great job. That guy is very good. But if we send him on a blitz twice every three plays, that means we leave the midfield open 66% of the time. No wonder why we've got killed so often with short passes up the middle.

I like to think it is okay to be predictable if no one can deal with what you send them anyways. A bit like Charles Roberts. You just KNOW he's coming and you still can't keep him inside the first down marker. Mike Pringle was like that too.

But when you are both predictable AND stoppable, you end up with the short end of the stick 8 times out of 10 games (or, well, 7 times had we not been stolen so badly in Saskatchewan, but that's another story).

The Defence is predictable. The Defensive Backs play their man and not the ball. Receivers are wide open in the middle of the field, because either everyone is blitzing or everyone is playing deep. But penalties is the problem with this team. It’s easy to make big plays when you cheat a little.

Davis Sanchez was not worth it. I was upset when I heard about the trade. Sanchez is a hot dog, whereas Reggie Durden played to win. Sanchez didn’t take this game seriously, takes super stupid penalties and in my mind is way overrated as a player.

It’s not just the Defence. It’s tirering to be out on the field after being drived 100 yards for a TD. They need a breath and the Offence goes out and takes a quick 3 and out.

Calvillo is not himself this year. He doesn’t look to have confidence, not that I blame him, when he gets sacked left, right, front and back, and hitting wide open receivers, only to have them drop the balls.

The only solution I have, is to give Damon Duval as much playing time as possible, because he has been the player of the year, and really, the only consistent one.

This team lacks character, no emotional players. Ben Cahoon showed his emotions spikeing the ball with frustration after a reception, because Calvillo insists on getting the ball to Watkins and to no-effort Anderson.

I would say this offseason we need to totally revamp the receiving core. Watkins I actually like I think other than the occasional bout of the dropsies he does work hard after making the catch most of the times and is good in the open field. Anderson is useless and has to go, Wilson I think has been improving and Id be willing to give him a shot at a starting position next year. Stala has had numerous chacnes this year and is dropping easy balls Id give him one more chance but Id be keeping him on a very short leash. Davis Ive also liked so far and wouldnt mind seeing more of him next year.

Despite my past critcism of Sanchez I think he has actually played well on defence this year, doesnt usually miss tackles, covered well, and has avoided the stupid penalties that he tends to rack up. The big problem with the defence are the stupid penalties like roughing the passer or unnecessary roughness or face masking. These penalties drive me nuts much more than little mental penalties like offside or illegal substitution. Mental mistakes can be fixed through coaching but you cant coach stupid.

We need to get smart players on defence. Aggression is a very good thing in a player but once the QB has the ball out of his hands it would impress me a lot more if a lineman or linebacker turned around and started chasing the receiver than if they finished a hit that might get them a penalty that would move the ball furhter than the catch and run would. I would so much rather see a no quitting on the play attitude than a pound the QB attitude.

As for the saskatchewan game the reviewed plays could go either way and I actually agree with the call on the "fumble" since there was no conclusive evidence that hte ball had left his hands until his knee hit the ground and the late hit that canceled an interception is another marginal call but he shouldnt have given the refs a decision to make and should turned and gone to help block for sanchez instead of finishing Joseph