Total Confusion?

I noticed sevreal times during the game where Tay Cody appeared to be appealing to the bench while he was on the field. It did not appear that he was getting any answers. The inside backs were looking to him for some direction and were walking away shaking their heads just prior to the snap. And what was up with Andersons antics on the sidelines?????? I can't believe he's been here all year.

It's a combination of us having a D-Coordinator who can't think quick enough, and very poor DB's who can't for the life of them play a zone defence properly (Tiller, Roberts, Gordon and Anderson may all be out of a job next year).

We've seen it before, with Moreno screaming for a call from a DC that should have been charged for box tickets as opposed paid for being asleep at the switch for much of the season.

Such being said, I have a good deal of sympathy for the DB's, who have carried the can for the big plays we have been giving up all year, where it may well be the Coaching Staff that should be fired (there's no teams offering trades!) for being incapable of understanding Canadian Rules...

(Does Marcel read these things?)

Boy the guys io the 5th qtr. sure like to defend him. I'm begginning to feel that show is designed to be a positve comments only forum. I wish they would just state the obvious rather than trying to put a positive spin on things.

How about the final play of the 3rd when Sask flooded the left side with 4 receivers and we played a full Zone- Cates got it wide open for 20+ yards.

The holes in the coverage tonight were spectacular- some from the players, others from the d being employed.

Of course the show is designed for positive comments only, it's a show about the Ticats for fans.. to allow all negative comments would be like McDonalds taking out a big sign stating "Yea we KNOW our food is garbage, but eat here anyway" It's there to promote the Cats

Sudsy only needed 12 warm bodies and he could stop another team......
The players are all good, accomplished athletes by this point in their careers.
They don't leave players open on purpose....If the play calling is suspect,that is not their fault.
If they are confused...that is partially their fault. It is the coaches responsibility to ensure they are not confused come game time.....

I agree.that’s what I was leaning to.

5th Quarter is "designed" to create profits for CHML...write that down on the palm of your hand(s) in indelible ink

Coach Sal is on that payrole and must equip himself with a sock or something to stuff down his throat as he watches Taaffe and staff blow it yet again, and not be able to vent it out on the serious coaching erors that are being made...

For any CHML staff watching or following these threads, do you really believe that this is "boosting" your listenerships?

For those that are advertising on CHML, what's your rating on this issue?

Wouldn't it be better if the highly rated staff got to say it in Spades and tell the truth?

Bang on! John Michaluk used to speak his mind.

We gotta get some smarter DB's next year. Why all the confusion. And, just maybe they will get guys that can cover, catch, run, tackle and be modest.

Don't you just hate it when a guy makes one tackle all day and then gives the opposition the rant.

You guys should be ashamed to show your faces around town.