Total BS

Why wouldnt the assine CFL allow the refs to use the virtual line of scrimmage on replay. This league is being runs by complete idiots

I would think its because its not accurate enough. I have seen it placed 5 yards into the backfield.

My understand as well. More often than not it's off by maybe half a yard.

^ What they said. The call went in your team's favour anyway so I don't really see why you're complaining.

...he's complaining because it was a wrong call that could've affected the outcome of the game, not about whether it affected his team or not...FYB is fair in this manner....

exaclty? the call went our way so we should be happy not saying this is total BS? unless ur a saskacthewan fan,...

The refs also missed that call on Clermont in the first quarter. No pass interference on that play?? BS.

BUT when push comes to shove the Lions WEREN'T GOOD ENOUGH TODAY. Offense/Defense/Special Teams STUNK.

2 players played today-- Smart/Wake that's it. I am so glad I decided not to go to the game.

BC LIONS 2008 Grey Cup Champions

Yup the virtual line was off by about half a yard. On replay w/o the red line the ball was touching the 45 stripe. The red line alone was closer to the 46.

I think ro1313 showed us that the line is unreliable in one of the main forum topics.