Watching (well sorta anyways) the game last night Stamps and Lions Toston got a chance to play and I thought he looked pretty good. He broke a couple of tackles and got some good hard yards.

My question is why didn't he get in my opinion, a fair shot here? When he did get in here he was pretty solid also and was having a good game against the Stamps that is until they yanked him yet again.

Was this a personality conflict issue between him and some players/ coaches or was there something behind the scenes that got him in the bad books? Frankly I think it was a mistake to let him go if based on his play only from what I have seen of him.

Is he a Kory Sheets or a Messam? No rather he seems to be a bit of a hybrid of the two. He can break some good runs and get some big yards and yet he showed last night again that he can also grind for the tough yards too.

As I said if there was something about the dude that turn the team off and there was no way to fix it that is one thing but I have not heard any rumors to that effect although I am not in the inside loop or anything like that so it could have been out there.
It just seems to me we gave up on him a bit too quick and now he is in cowtown and if he makes the team I can see him burning us badly.

He is neither a Sheets nor a Messam, but would lean towards a Messam if you want to compare.
He missed a meeting early on and was crapped on because of that. If he wasn't skilled he would have been cut. Shortly after that he got vocal about the rotation of RBs when they fumbled and that they had to be given a shot to work through their mistakes. He even got vocal on the sideline. Was he it is a fast way to get burried in the lineup...especially after only a couple weeks after the other incident...which is what happened. Shame, because he is a strong powerback with breakaway speed...a rare combination. I love his style of play.

All that said...long shot to make the Stamps in any real capacity beyond at best #3...and that is a reach. RB is a National spot in Calgary...they have the Canadian starter and they have the Canadian depth. Sanders is their scat back...and Toston does not fit the scatback role anyways. Scat backs are likely also bigtime downplayed this season. SBs no longer have to line up outside of 5 yards to be eligible....we will see them lining up a couple yards further than where a HB would in an offset back formation...this gives them the ability to come in and block or role out. It is probably the biggest change on the game this season beyond the no contacting the receiver thing...2 of the biggest changes to the game in a generation.

Well if he gets cut I wouldn't be upset if both sides swallowed some pride and give him another shot. He caught a few passes out of the backfield too last night so its not like he has hands of clay. Could be a good tool to implement in hitch screens etc.

If he came back and he can't keep his mouth zipped then fine so be it. A guy that has a bit of fire though and is itching to play isn't a bad thing either he just needs to go through the proper channels and know when to clam up by the sounds of it.

If he had issues with Cortez well so did Sheets in that matter but if he had issues with Cory I doubt he would change his mind but I hope I'm wrong and he would be big enough to give him another shot.

He has clearly seen how important receiving is in the Canadian game...because his hands are a pile better than last season. That alone tells me that this is a guy you want around...he had to have put the work in during the off-season.

I think that last year everybody had issues with Cortez, even when Durant was playing his stats weren't good. the defence won us a couple of games so Durant's won loss record was better than it could have been without defensive help.

Well yes...BUT....was that Cortez or Chamblin? CC was the one that preached D first...stable O that does not make the big mistake and the D will win the games....w/o being there one does not know if Cortez's game plan and attitude last season was his doing or CCs. I have my own opinion on that based on what I saw in games, practice, and private conversations...but it is still only my opinion and thus speculation.

And in the 1 game that he got his shot to play last year he didn’t have his playbook down. No excuse when you’ve been practicing with the team for 5 months. Physically he’s impressive. Mentally, no not much.

There are so many talented RBs out there and you only have 1 on the field at a time. It is such a deep pool at this position that the goal is to find someone elite, not just really good. Toston is not elite. Mind you, I would not call Allen elite neither, but if Toston can’t shut up be a teammate and learn his playbook then move on to the next guy.