Tossed to the Lions!

The Lions are looking terrible!

Only 9 sacks?
Just 24 points off turnovers?
1 whole penalty?
Geroy with only two TDs in his first 3 catches?
3 BC QBs with Touchdown drives?
The Lions need to improve otherwise their playoff hopes are long gone.

Thryllin' Dylan


This whole message was sarcasm . . . Except for this part.

I'm glad I put on B.C.'s defence in fantasy. They should get me some serious points this week!

10 sacks. :smiley:

Why must the Lions look so Scary?!

The Stamps and the Lions are definately looking impressive. Going into the game I thought the Ti-cats would have a chance but I was definately far off on that one.

Why isn't Richie Williams getting any playing time now? I really think that he would have gave the Cats a better chance than Porter. I understand Porter needs his shot but "Hancock" Williams could have scrambled a bit better IMO.