Tory says Toronto 2016 Grey Cup, then says misspoke

Looking back at this post Toronto could be a real option by default in 2016.
The Grey Cup is the one thing that Rogers has interest in when it comes to the CFL. It is still Canada's top annual sporting event by far. Not only will they make money of the use of there venue but the Roger Name gets basically free sponsorship perks with the company name as the stadium name.

Looking at other potential hosts for 2016 and there really are very limited options.
Montreal currently has no venue in which to host the GC. Unless somehow someway there is some cooperation among those who would benefit from having a safe roof in place. Thats a different discussion for a different time.
Calgary- McMahon as it currently stands has already been deemed by the league as not capable of hosting a GC. The much undersized Concourse is at the center of the issue. However there are ways to make the improvements needed but not by 2016. In Regina the needed upgrades were completed for Moasaic to host the 2013 GC.
Ottawa likely slated for 2017.
Hamilton Stadium delays pushes them somewhere past '16 and '17
Winnipeg hosting this season.
Vancouver to soon after hosting in '11 and '14. Although everyone thinks the motive was to get Braley another GC payday. The reality was that with IGF opening a year late in 2013 left the CFL without many options. Vancouver is one of the few cities that can host a GC on short notice. A metro area that can easily accommodate the influx of fans as well as a stadium that needs no planning and funding of temporary seating.

Leaves really only two options Toronto and Edmonton.
Toronto, like Vancouver, can is one of the metro's that can host such a big event on short notice. A stadium that does not need any additional temp seating added as well.

Edmonton as well with Commonwealth has the Capacity needed without planning for temp seatings. As well Commonwealth has recently made some big upgrades to modernize the stadium. Highlighted by the new modern seating. The training and other venue facilities has gone through major expansion and modern upgrades among the best of any venue in Canada.

While not as big as the top three cities Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto metro's of 2.5-5.5 in population.
It is in the next set of Metro's along with Ottawa-Gatineau, Calgary which all are in the 1.1-1.2 million.
Well ahead of the next three QC, Winnipeg, and Hamilton standing in the 700K range.
I imagine that EDM would also still be big enough infrastructure of lodging etc. to be able to accommodate the influx of Fans which will pile into the city.

So although this would go to help Braley and potential coaxing to MLSE if both IGF and THF both were opened on time fully this would likely not be a topic for discussion.

The problem with EDM for 2016 is it would place the game in the West for 4 straight seasons. As well some may not see this as an issue but would mean 3 of the 4 GC between 2013-2016 would be on the super sub below temp of the Praries. Different times, different game viewing options, and a different generation lifestyle

Sorry, but I dismiss your comments in their entirety. Outdoor Grey Cups have been going on for over a century. The last one in Regina was a massive success, as were others. So you want Grey Cup in only Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal? Good thing you're not in charge, you'd kill the league shortly. Stay home from the outdoor games then, they'll be sold out anyways (unlike Vancouver this year)

Are you sure about that? After reading the article about the grass and the project by the University of Guelph growing the grass, I'm not sure. They are ripping up the concrete floor, putting down drainage soil then that new growing grass. Laying down a carpet on top of a grass field doesn't work, the artificial turf needs a whole different underturf inlay. I doubt if the Jays would let football players on to their grass.
Even if the grass is taken out for the winter, there is the problem with the lack of a base for the artificial turf.

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Thats fine and that is something that has been a topic juggled by many. I agree that the Grey Cup will still continue in the outdoor stadiums. Also agree that it is likely too soon to return to Toronto. As seen with Vancouver hosting again just 3 years after 2011, was not enough time to re-hype the city.
Also factoring in is that Vancouver is the only team in the Pacific Time Zone and off the beaten path off any other team in the league. Unlike the rest of the West. Teams grouped closer together in the Prairies makes it easier for fans from neighboring cities to attend without flight and other planning needed.
East is the same way with all four clubs being a closer distance. A Pairing of Montreal and Ottawa; Toronto and Hamilton doubles the fan bases with really easier access.
I certainly dismiss any conspiracy theories about Braley etc. Not anyone fault but the circumstances limit 2014 options. As I mentioned it was highly speculated that Winnipeg would host in 2014 but a year stadium delay pushed that back until this 2015 season. Besides Vancouver what other realistic options were there?

Just curious to the thoughts of what other cities could host in 2016 besides EDM or TOR.
EDM has not host in awhile and certainly has the venue and likely means to do so on short notice. Although this would place 4 straight Grey Cups in the west. '13 Regina, '14 Vancouver, '15 WIN, '16 EDM.

Toronto itself is not a big CFL city but close by there is Hamilton in which is a favorite to return. Any unsold seats would quickly be bought up if Hamilton won the East. Ottawa while not likely to be a GC contender in 2016 still will enable fans for the first time since the return to the CFL to have fairly easy access to a GC game in Toronto. Imagine if Ottawa were to be in the 2016 GC. It would be planes, trains, and automobiles out of Ottawa and to Toronto. Much more than if it were in EDM
Montreal as well with no future GC hosting in sight. Should they come out of the East a pretty good bet that a rush of fans would buy up any remaining seats. Options to drive or train are very realistic. An abundance of lodging surrounding Toronto would keep Hotel prices at reasonable and shorter stays possible.

Aside from EDM and TOR is there any other city, club, or venue which could possiblily host 2015 GC?

When did the League state that McMahon couldn't hold another Grey Cup ?

I could be wrong but I recall that was the case until they were able to complete renovations that would include upgrades and additional washroom and Concession areas.

That was done last year.

According to the Star "One CFL source indicates Braley has the option on yet another Grey Cup in either 2016, 2017, or 2018" I am sure he will take 2016, he may not have the RC option after 2016.

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Again so many sources and here say but I have yet to see anything concrete about anything. As for RC hosting GCs another source had reported that 4 Grey Cups in 12 years is MLSE's requirement to buy the Argo's with the GCs still to be played at RC.
Aside from that BMO field would not be available to host a GC as TFC would need to keep that weekend date clear should they have a home playoff date. in 2014 the grey cup was on the same weekend of the second leg of the MLS conference finals.
So all that talk from MLSE about expanding BMO for the Argo's and to also be able to host Grey Cups there was BS from the beginning. As they were fully aware that it fell on the same weekend as the second leg. With MLS already securing one game on the sat Nov 29th and the other on Sun the 30th So the Networks can secure the time and promote it in advance.

And something similar was said about OSEG.

Braley can be a complete tool at times, but I hope he has enough sense to see that calling dibs on 2017 ahead of Ottawa is a crap thing to do.

Flutes did not say that the Grey Cups would continue at the dome, so I'm not sure where you're getting that.

Also, are you seriously suggesting that MLSE wouldn't allow the Grey Cup to happen at BMO because TFC might get a playoff game ?

Do you know how much revenue a Grey Cup brings in ?

Also how has MLS already secured dates for 2016, 2017 and 2018 ?

Oh yes seriously I am saying that MLSE would not schedule a Grey Cup on the same weekend as the MLS conference finals. They are spending 100 Million for soccer upgrades at BMO. They are not spending all this money for DPs for TFC not to get to the MLS Cup.
So they schedule the Grey Cup for BMO and TFC makes it to the conference final, where would they play?
Can BMO even hold 40K in the CFL football set up?
A lot of unanswered questions from MLSE. They are very vague when it comes to the Argo's and CFL games at BMO.
I would love to here them answer these specific questions.

Once MLSE purchases the Argos and moves them to BMO, they will mothball TFC. :lol:

Yea thats gonna happen. Thats why they quickly purchesed Management rights to BMO and poured Cement where a possible CFL end zone could go. Now they are spending 100 million to upgrade BMO to a world class SSS and won't spend 10 million more for the phase for a CFL field.
The 100 million is not just for TFC but will allow Toronto to host international matches of events and clubs that come to play in the US and for any America's or CONCACAF events that were almost exclusively hosted by US cities and Stadiums.

I'd like to see that happen to an NFL team in the US, no way. The Argos and CFL were easy picking for David Miller. The man is laughing in his boots right now I bet and having a grand ol time with his buddies at Rogers and his English soccer chums.

Your right. In the early rounds of the MLS playoffs when dates were more flexible the Sounders played on a Monday Night after the Seahawks had a sunday home game.
Vancouver had no problem booking the Grey Cup. If the White Caps happened to be in the conference finals they may have had some leeway to play on a friday night and the owner of BC Place is the province of BC and would likely worked all night to get the field back to CFL GC set up.
I just do not see MLSE doing that.
The moment that Rogers purchased skydome they began giving the Argo's the left over dates.
When BMO was built for TFCs first season they quickly nixed the Argo's to get into BMO in the future without the huge amount of issues that we see now.
MLSE like Rogers will not allow any Argo's stuff to stay up. So maybe they get BMO. Under those circumstances like in 2010 when Braley took the Argo's by default no one would want to own any team under those circumstances

So the fact that MLSE is still speaking with Braley about a purchase of the Argonauts as well as a lease, means nothing steve ?

2015 will be TFC's last.
BMO field will have it's red seats replaced with blue during this renovation. It will be configured in such a way that only canadian football can be played there and never soccer. It will also be recognized as the national football stadium.

dg, watch your back if you happen to walk by any TFC fans. :wink: