Tory says Toronto 2016 Grey Cup, then says misspoke

So apparently on the Fan590 today, John Tory indicated that Toronto was getting the 2016 Grey Cup. Later claiming he misspoke, but has since come out board was looking into Toronto being the host.

I wonder if this has anything to do with the Ticats and City of Hamilton still not being able to occupy the stadium, and that perhaps this has delayed their ability to bid on hosting the 2016 game?

I think that would really suck, as I doubt they get 2017. I suspect Ottawa gets that game, and an outdoor hockey game, for the Canada 150th anniversary.

Also, this sounds to me like another payday for Braley, as a way for him to sell the team. Maybe Board of Governors figure he will let the team for for free to MLSE if he gets ANOTHER grey cup. Though I think 4 years is too little time between Grey Cups.


This could be a way to put pressure on MLSE to buy the Argos. With the Grey Cup in Toronto, there will be a $10 million payday for the Argos owner in 2016. This could be the tipping point, which increases the value of the Argos while instantly pumping up the CFL brand in Toronto. The 100th Grey Cup in Toronto was a tremendous success by any standard. Hundreds of thousands of Torontonians took part in the festivities and a reported 3.6 million in Toronto watched all or part of the 2012 Grey Cup game. With Rogers controlling the venue and the event, they could pump up the Grey Cup profit to $15 million or more. That bonanza would even dwarf the normal hometown profits from hosting a Super Bowl.

The payday should cover the missing money to fix BMO. Shouldn't go in an owners pockets.

Well, if MLSE owns the Argos they'd get the $10M to $15M bonus, which would help pay for BMO's conversion to football (although I'm sure they'd still be looking for federal and provincial funding). If Mr. Braley keeps the team, the GC could be his "payback" for bankrolling the Argos over the past few seasons (being his 4th GC in 6 seasons). Then Braley might be willing part with the Argos for closer to book value. :wink:

Wow, another Grey Cup where David Braley gains financially. Didn't see that one coming at all... :roll:

Let me guess, back to Vancouver for 2018, then Toronto for 2020... Braley's back yard in 2021

If this is the carrot to get the funding gap filled for the BMO renos then good. A sale to MLSE is even better.

Perhaps Tory did misspoke. Toronto is going to host the cup in 2016....the World Cup of Hockey....bring on the Young Gunz and the Poly-Euro squad :lol:

Thats awful :lol:

Perhaps the league should wait until Sunday to make the big announcement…stealing the headlines away from the SB? :thup:

Come on Xvys, isn't everyone and their uncle waiting to see what comes out of Marshawn's mouth? Surely nothing, not even the SB game itself or GC announcement, can match that. :wink:

Here's the story, I suppose that Toronto gets it in 2016 because it will be the last chance for them to host since the RC will be baseball only after 2017. Ottawa is hosting in 2017, Regina 2018 probably Hamilton 2019

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Thing with the RC is the Argos can still rent it and it can still be reconfigured. It will just wreck the grass. However given the Grey Cup is well after baseball season, it gives the groundskeepers ample chance to patch the turf and to lay down temp sod over the bases.

Don't see this happening in 2016 unless it's to sweeten the pot for MLSE.

Fed up !!!!! With this yuppie city.....get them the he'll out of the league....cfl will survive without them...most arrogant sports business men in well as sports fans.....and I live in Toronto

If TFC can draw 22,000 fans to BMO and be considered a huge success, why can't the Argos too? Once the Argos move to an appropriately-sized stadium, their problems are basically solved. The Argos have averaged more fans than that over the past few seasons (last year excepted), so the franchise won't need any ongoing handouts or special favours to continue operating.

The league surviving without Toronto is a scenario we don't want to contemplate. Once one domino falls...will the whole league be far behind? I believe it's crucial for the league's survival to ensure the Argo franchise has a decent stadium to play in. If giving them the Grey Cup an extra time is what it takes...that may be one of the few bargaining chips we have.

The Feds who might not achieve their surplus are unlikely to give T any money to a football team. The Provincial Liberal Government is in deep financial trouble and also cannot be called on to support the Argos. They are a pathetic group of politicans. McGuinty lied to the people of Ontario. He brought in the Health tax, squandered funds re the supposed road to a better environment and, cancelled the building of gas infrastructure in order to win a Liberal seat. McGuinty destroyed the financial situation of Ontario through his reckless spending. The most damaging of all was his destroying the files related to the gas issue and, the Liberal Government has refused to permit the legislature to bring McGuinty to account by the appropriate committee. The existing PM just wears McGuinty's shoes.Ontario is in deep financial trouble. Provincial funding for the Argos? No way. Ontario fits the image perceived by the rest of Canadians that we do live in a have not province. If the Argos are going to survive then its up to the fans to support this team by their attendance. Its time to use it or, lose it.

Like it or not only Vancouver and Toronto have the venues to host the game in comfort, 50K plus capacity and top amenities, As well as being 2 of the three metro's which separate themselves from the other markets.
Again like it or not people do not care to freeze their butts off for such a big event anymore.
With Montreal now out of the picture Toronto is also much more accessible from 3 other CFL cities unlike Vancouver.
The Grey Cup being so huge now visitors to the city pump plenty of money into the economy. Maybe or Maybe not it could get someone in Montreal to correct the roof problem, make it revenue making year round as one of only 3 venues of that size. Could also lead to many more sporting events that will bring visitors to the city and stadium. An extended baseball Spring Training schedule, Host World Baseball Classic, and a multitude of National and international soccer events of big interest.

Back to Toronto and 2016 Grey Cup. Many are just thinking more money in Braley's pocket, which may be true. It could also give him the ability to lower the sale cost of the Argo's.
He is not a big fan of the Argo's future at BMO with or without MLSE. After all he is a rich philanthropist.
So for me I am going to withhold comments as he may just plunk down substantial millions towards a new stadium after the sale of both teams.
He has been known to drop 25 million at his alum University for a new building.
Remember it was just about 5 years ago when he took on the Argo's when no one else would.
Something he had not planned on so it would take time to formulate a plan to leave the Argo's in solid ground moving forward.
Ridicouled for not marketing the team more. Could be seen as a poor investment of dollars for fans who do not want to go to games at Rogers Center. Dollars that could be set aside for a bigger picture and long term security.

I don't think the grass is problem, CFL teams will have to get used to playing on grass if the Argos move to BMO. But aren't they going to permanently modify the stands so they can't be pushed back to allow a football game? I thought the idea of turfing out the Argos from BMO was the fact that they want to renovate the RC and make it a permanent baseball specific stadium?

As far as I know, no. They are basically putting grass down because the MLB while not officially mandating it, is pretty much mandating it. The Rogers Centre hosts too many other events to limit it's ability to be reconfigured. Stuff like Monster Jam, Major Pro Wrestling/UFC events, Concerts and the like, and the Football configuration generally allows for more potential seating. Even if you wanted too, a vast majority of the seating in the front rows, rest up hydraulics designed for moving the seats around. You'd be looking a replacing entire boxes (needlessly) if you wanted to strip it out and rebuild it.

Sounds like the Cons. :roll:

Football can still be played at the dome once the baseball season is over, so a Grey Cup could still be held there if needed or wanted. Essentially the reason why the dome's retractable seats will be mounted down during the Blue Jays season is to protect the grass, a big reason why there were rumours that BMO Field's football end-zones would be turf to ensure that the grass wouldn't be ruined by the retractable seats. Both Keith Pelley and Paul Beeston have stated that once baseball season is over the Rogers Centre can go back to holding events.

As for the 2016 Grey Cup going to Toronto, I'm personally against it, no angst or anything like that towards the Argos or Toronto, but 2012 was not that long ago. IMO the League should hand the game over to Hamilton, 2017 Ottawa, 2018 Edmonton, 2019 Saskatchewan (to show off their new stadium which should be completed before the 2017 season), Toronto 2020, Calgary 2021.

Montreal is out for awhile due to the Big Owe's issues, Vancouver shouldn't hold another for at least 10 years. I'd like to see Calgary get another one soon, especially if the rumours that Ken King says they're close to announcing a new stadium and arena district in Calgary are true.

However I should point out that there's a theory out there that the Argos will have the 2016 game to help pay for the BMO upgrades, going along with the Argos to MLSE rumours that could be announced shortly.